How to do Self-Healing at Home

How to Do Self Healing at HomeThese days you read a lot about the adverse effects of one drug or another.   The health and wellness magazines as also newspaper supplements carry well-researched articles on the merits and demerits of several commonly taken medicines.

Advantages of Self Healing

At the same time, we all know that people flock to hospitals and clinics day in and day out seeking  cures  for various ailments,  unconcerned about the ill-effects of the drugs that are being prescribed.

But this need not be so.  Many of the common ailments we face can very easily be got rid of with simple self-help techniques, without conventional drugs or even the need to visit a doctor.

Our bodies have a natural tendency to heal, regardless of the ailment we suffer from. Disorders and malfunctioning of the various organs is by and large the result of gross mishandling of the delicate systems of which we are comprised – either our diet is faulty or our lifestyle is not exactly as it should be.

With a little cleansing and re-balancing of the several systems it is quite possible to heal ourselves of any problem – instances are even available of self-healing of some of the most dreaded diseases, such as cancer or multiple sclerosis.

#1.rubbing your fingertips

Did you know that simply rubbing your fingertips against each other first thing in the morning every day, will help tone up your entire system and make you fit and fine and ready for a full day’s work?

Rubbing your palms with your thumb or pinching your ear-lobes works in the same way.  There are acupressure points in these areas which, when stimulated, will help in toning up the circulatory and nervous systems.

Similarly, there are various points along the meridians of our body, by activating which you can rid yourself of all manner of disorders.

Having a good scrub in the morning also stimulates the circulatory system. It is a milder form of acupuncture, which again is a drug-free method of restoring your health to normalcy.

yoga and pranayamas

You can also make use of yoga and pranayamas or breathing exercises to get rid of a number of common ailments.  Yoga not only heals but also works as a preventive, strengthening the various organs of the body, keeping all ailments at bay.


Reiki is another popular method of natural healing wherein the body’s energies are realigned to work towards healing any malady you may be experiencing.

It is an excellent method when it comes to relieving pain of any kind, be it headache, or pain in the stomach, or stiff neck, frozen shoulder or severe pain in the feet.

Other common problems

Other common problems such as insomnia, fevers, etc. are easily healed through reiki.  Pranic healing is another natural energy healing method widely used for the same purpose.

Other methods of reducing joint pain include  standing under a warm shower and allowing the water to fall on the affected part (Hydrotherapy), or taking a hot water bag over it.  The relief is generally instantaneous.

Using herbs and spices is another way of healing yourself at home naturally.

By making use of the right kind of herb, you can effectively reduce the intensity of any disorder.  Some common remedies are as follows:

Parsley – for circulatory system, healing cancers, high BP, stomach cramps, nausea, kidney stones.

Coriander – for bad breath, flatulence, high cholesterol, digestion

Ginger –for digestive disorders, nausea, aches and pains

Echinecea – for colds and flu – (it is a natural antibiotic)

Basil – for cold and flu, kidney problems, appetizer

Other common medicinal herbs include, garlic, dandelion,mint leaves,  chilly, ginseng, liquirice, peppermint, green tea, milk thistle, St John’s wart, and many many more.  It is useful to explore the healing properties of each of these to derive full benefit from them.


Aromatherapy is another branch of natural remedy which makes use of the healing properties of various essential oils in combination with massage therapy, to bring about relief in a number of cases.

Drinking lots of water

Drinking lots of water to flush out toxins, getting adequate exercise on a daily basis, keeping away from alcohol and smoking, eating a well-balanced nutritious diet and remaining calm in the face of stress are all ways in which you can keep yourself free from most ailments.

Even when you do find yourself troubled by malfunctioning of any part of the body, it is nowadays very easy to find ways to cure yourself by natural means.

A good discussion with a Professional Natural Therapist may well be one of the best ways to educate yourself on the possibilities offered by natural Therapy.