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Natural Ways to Get Bigger Breasts, Increase Your Bust Size By 2 Cups:  without Surgery or Medications

Breasts, simply put, are mammary glands with the sole purpose of secreting milk to feed and nourish your offspring.

  But, let us face it; women would also want a pair of bigger breasts to physically attract members of the opposite sex. 

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Both men and women produce the same hormones, estrogen, and testosterone, but at different levels. 

Estrogen amounts are generally high in women, and in men, testosterone levels are upward.  Estrogen is a female sex hormone that stimulates the proper development of sex organs and sexual characteristics.  Low estrogen levels result in smaller, less developed breasts.

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Some methods may be adopted to help flat-chest women develop a full bosom.  As stated earlier, estrogen plays a vital role in the development of breasts. 

Estrogen is also found in many plants, so a diet rich in organic fruits, vegetables, and even grain products like rice will help complete their estrogen requirements resulting in fully developed breasts. 

This can also be derived from other food products like flaxseeds, soybeans, carrots, beets, cucumber, dates, cherries, and papaya. 

Beans like kidney beans, lentils, and split peas also contain phytoestrogens.  Incorporate these foods into your diet at frequent intervals.

After your daily bath, gently massage your breasts in a clockwise and anti-clockwise motion to encourage blood flow. 

Blood will help carry nutrients and oxygen to your breasts and stimulate proper growth.  However, avoid placing too much pressure on your breasts while performing this as repetitive harsh movements will cause them to lose their tautness.

Wearing the right undergarment will go a long way in improving the appearance of your breasts.  Find the right size and wear it correctly to enhance your contour. 

Push up bras, as the name suggests, are created to lift breasts and add shape to them.  Some come with silicone padding to mimic the fullness of well-developed breasts, so choose to wear these to enhance your small bust size. 

Clothes worn the right way and of the right pattern and color can also help in enhancing your otherwise small or medium-sized breasts. 

Go for bright and bold colors; select square-necked, button-up tops or tight-fitting T-shirts with horizontal lines and patterns to make your breasts appear fuller and more prominent.

Above all, these exercises that target chest muscles should be performed to tone them up and give them a more natural lift. 

Stand erect with your feet placed slightly apart.  Bend at elbows and rest your hands on hips.  Pull your elbows backward very slowly in an attempt to touch each other. 

Stretch as far as possible and hold in this position for 20-30 seconds.  Relax and repeat this 6-8 times.

Another form of exercise that will help increase your bust size is as follows – lie down comfortably on a recliner with the back inclining to a comfortable level and your feet firmly on the ground. 

Position your dumbbell holding hands straight upwards and slowly lower them to your chest while inhaling. 

Hold it there for a couple of seconds and then gradually push it back up as you exhale.  Repeat this ten times.

Along with diet, massage, exercise, and right garments practice good posture.  Position your spine straight at all times with head held high, chest forward and shoulders moved back to help create a fuller, rounder look to a flat chest.

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