4 Proven Ways to Get Bigger Buttocks Naturally for Women

how to build up your buttocks for women

how to build up your buttocks for womenSize zero is behind the times.  It remains a fashion symbol only among the adolescent and teenage group.  Real women seem to want to rid themselves of this obsession to stay skinny.

They want to deviate from straight lines and are waking up to curves.  These women aspire to own a great body with a sexy rear end.

Happy News to Women: You Can Increase Your Buttocks Size using Simple Methods

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Some will go to any lengths to achieve this may be with the sole purpose of attracting the opposite sex or to feel sexy at all times.

A bigger bottom is more appealing than having a bigger tummy.  When you follow the necessary steps to achieve this desire to own bigger buttocks, care should be taken that you attain a look that is muscular and firm, not fatty and indented.

#1. Lose Weight: To Get Round Buttocks for Women

For your butt to look bigger and curvier, you will need to lose excess weight seated around other parts of your body.

Thus the first action would be to perform some exercise that specifically targets your other problem areas to lose weight.

How to Lose Weight to Get Bigger Butt?

Also, losing weight by modifying your diet and not eating junk or fried foods is recommended.  A lot of junk food will only add up to your cellulite problem.

Take in a few extra healthy calories, however, as women naturally tend to deposit fat around their butt area.

Little excess good carbohydrates like oatmeal and whole grains will help you pile in a few extra pounds on your posterior.

#2.healthy fresh fruits

Incorporate healthy fresh fruits in your diet also- eat at least three servings in a day.  A well-balanced diet of lean protein, healthy carbohydrates, and fats need to be followed to achieve your target.

#3. strengthen and increase your gluteus muscles: To gain muscle in buttocks for women

Follow this with exercises performed to strengthen and increase your gluteus muscles.   Choose a convenient time of the day to work out, so you know you will stick to it and choose some exercise forms that you will enjoy the most.

Follow these exercises routinely for 6-8 weeks, after which these mechanical forms should be changed to other primary exercise forms, which corresponds to the gluteus muscle group.

start squeezing your butt muscles

First, you can start squeezing your butt muscles and hold it in that position for about 30 seconds before release.

Repeat this throughout the day whenever your memory works in your favor.  To increase muscle mass, periodically changing exercise routines permit steady and continued progress.

Stair-climbing exercise

So this can be alternated with a stair-climbing exercise.  While climbing stairs, skip stairs from one gradually progressing to two skips, and if you have time, quickly march down and repeat the process.  This is an excellent workout for your backside.


Look for a suitable area in or around your house where you can walk for about 20 feet without being obstructed.

Then place your hands on your hips and beginning with one foot, take a long stride with your knees bent and placed perpendicular to the floor, and walk further following the same with the other leg while moving forward.

Another Exercise

Another way to work your butt muscles to increase in size is to stand with hands stretched forwards.

Then slowly bend down to assume a position where your body is supported on the feet, and your knees are bent to crouch close to the ground.  Follow ten repetitions routinely for more outstanding results.


Do not overdo these exercises initially, or you may only end up injuring yourself.  Perform these exercises and follow a proper diet religiously to tone, firm up, and sculpt your buttocks to the desired size and shape.

#4.Seek Professional Help for Quick & guaranteed Results

If you are serious about gaining buttocks muscles quickly & increase butt size to look more firm & round, try Proven Methods, which gives results within 1-3 weeks.

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