How to Get Bigger Buttocks Without Exercises

Can I Increase My Buttocks Size Naturally without Exercise?

get bigger buttock without exerciseEvery individual’s body decides differently about where to store excess body fat; some may have it stored around their abdomen and a few others around their thighs and hip regions.

Men are known to get attracted physically to women who are well endowed.  Well endowed is not just about being large around the bust area; it also involves the derriere.  Besides, wide hips and a big bottom in women is a sign of fertility for most men.

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How to Grow Round Shaped Buttocks Naturally without Any Exercises

If you want to enlarge your buttock size without any exercise, you can follow these methods:

There are various means through which bigger buttocks can be accomplished without activities, a few mentioned below.

#1. Eating fish: Make Your Butt Bigger

Eating fish is said to have helped individuals with the desire to have bigger bottoms.  The omega-3 fatty acids found naturally in fatty fish, such as salmon, get deposited in your bases when taken infrequently, thus making it appear thicker and fatter.

Fish oil capsules may also give you the desired effects, but this will have to be consumed for a longer duration to get a sexy, well-rounded, and firm butt.

#2.Rub some fish oil on to your butt regions

Another alternative would be to rub some fish oil on to your butt regions and wrap the area with a warm bath towel.  Allow it to stay on for around 45 minutes for the oil to be absorbed by the skin thoroughly to give you a sexy curve.

#3. A high-salt diet – Enhances Butt Growth

A high-salt diet is also said to help achieve bigger bottoms as this encourages carbohydrate storage, much needed for positive muscle growth.

But care should be taken while following such a diet, and it is recommended to follow this diet only for a short duration as too much salt can give rise to various other health concerns.

Moreover, this will also contribute to increased water retention in the body, leading to cellulite problems.

#4.Estrogen -Make Your Butt Bigger Naturally

Estrogen is the hormone believed to give a woman her curves.  Plant estrogens, termed as phytoestrogens, have been found to have similar effects of estrogen on a human body.

Thus increase phytoestrogen foods for a more significant rump.  The most common phytoestrogen foods are oats, wheat, corn, buckwheat, sesame, pumpkin, soybeans, red kidney beans, cabbage, broccoli, grapes, apples, olives, garlic, and onions.

For the body to make maximum use of this form of the hormone, a healthy amount of active gut flora is essential, increasing your intake of natural yogurt and homemade beers and wines to be benefited the most.

#5. increase caloric intake by 50%

It is also recommended to increase caloric intake by 50% for three consecutive days, consisting of healthy carbs, lean meat proteins, and fats, to build and regenerate new muscle mass.

After these three days, return to your usual intake to stop adding unwanted fat to give your derriere a well-founded look rather than a dimpled appearance.

#6.butt enhancing undergarments

Another solution for flat rear-ends is to invest in butt enhancing undergarments.  There are padded panties available commercially to help shape, support, and increase your buttocks more discreetly.

#7.natural herbal supplements

Also, natural herbal supplements that provoke gluteus maximus muscles (outer buttock muscles) to grow layers of fat, accessible in the present market, may be taken for desired results.

Dry skin brush technique is another way to enhance buttocks the natural way.  This is a form of massage that pushes fat to an area where you want it to be.

To use this technique for butt enhancement, it will involve stroking the skin around thigh regions upward to each buttock cheek.  When done regularly, this will help shift fat cells from thighs to buttocks, making them appear more prominent.

#8.Grow Your Buttocks Naturally -Help

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Whatever may be the chosen route to achieve bigger bottoms, care should be taken not to overdo it; as far as dieting and hormone intake are overly concerned, these measures may pave the way for other health issues in the long run.