How to Get Rid of Alzheimers at Home Naturally

Getting Rid of Alzheimers at Home Naturally

Are you tending to a relative with Alzheimers?  If so,you are already aware of what a frightful experience it can be.   The person concerned sometimes has a near total loss of brain function – all types of it, ranging from memory to reasoning to recognition of familiar faces and even coherence in speaking. Doctors do try to prescribe what they consider suitable medications, but to no avail.   You do not see any improvement in the condition.  It is not easy not to worry in such a situation;   but do try to relax – you will perhaps be better able to handle it with Natural Therapy – this form of treatment makes use of natural substances which do not adversely affect  bodily functions, but which are very much helpful in alleviating disorders of many kinds, including Alzheimers.


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Get Rid of Alzheimers

The onset of Alzheimers is difficult to recognize.  Most memory lapses of the elderly are put down to amnesia, whereas they could well be the beginnings of Alzheimers.   Short-term memory is the most obvious liability among those suffering from alzheimers.  They may be able to remember instances which occurred years ago, yet may not be able to remember what they had for breakfast that day, or whether they took the morning’s dose of tablets. As the disease progresses, they show signs of disorientation; they may wander out of the house, and not be able to find their way back, or inform their address correctly to those who want to help. Conversation with them becomes increasingly difficult. In more advanced stages, there is loss of bladder and bowel control as well as wild mood swings and the person becomes more or less uncontrollable.



Researchers have still not been able to arrive at any conclusion as to the causes of Alzheimers, though many theories have been put forward to date.  The chief among them mentions the presence of a particular beta-amyloid protein in the brain.   Alzheimers can also be hereditary – a certain gene has been found to be related to this disease.   Yet other theories suggest nutritional deficiencies as a cause.  Lower levels of B vitamins which are responsible for cognitive function, and Zinc have been associated with occurrence of Alzheimers.  Insufficient quantities of vitamins A and E, both of which are antioxidants, are also suspected to be causative factors.  High levels of homocystine have been detected in persons having Alzheimers. Head injuries of the past can play a part in the occurrence of Alzheimers in later years.



Natural Remedies are more effective in improving cognitive function of the brain, than conventional treatment.   Hence it is certainly worthwhile trying these out:


The herbs Gingko Biloba and Club Moss, have properties of improving memory and clarity of thought among those suffering from Alzheimers.    Balm and sage are also being considered as remedies for Alzheimers on account of their calming properties.  Curcumin supplements can also be considered.


There is a possibility of controlling the homocystine levels in the person and thus reducing the symptoms of Alzheimers.  Increased doses of folate, B6 and B12 vitamin are able to take care of this.  Food sources of niacin are also known to be helpful in this regard.


Garlic extract in liquid form is also known to decrease the incidence of Alzheimers:    Vitamin E is another natural remedy useful for brain function.


Juices extracted from fresh vegetables are full of antioxidants, and can very effectively improve brain function.  These should be taken regularly.  Fruit juices are also rich in antioxidants, but need to be taken in moderation in view of their fructose content.


While it is difficult to cure Alzheimers completely, it is certainly possible with the help of natural remedies, to reduce its severity and give relief to both the sufferer and the person caring for them.  For more details, do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.


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