how to cure angioedema at home naturally – Get Rid of Angioedema

Getting Rid of Angioedema at Home Naturally

There seems to be some problem with your skin.  It seems swollen, your eyelids  and mouth feel very heavy.  The appearance is as if there are huge stubborn,painful mosquito bites which have spread over parts of your skin.

The dermatologist, after making a note of many matters related to your medications, etc. came to the conclusion that what you are suffering from is Angioedema, somewhat similar to hives and prescribed some medicines along with some do’s and don’ts.  But will these medicines not aggravate the situation, you feel.

Do not worry,  you have another good option in Natural Therapy, where you will be using only natural substances to effect a cure. It is in your interest to try out this form of treatment before taking the course of medicines the doctor has prescribed.

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When you are diagnosed with angioedema, your skin may appear normal but swollen.  The swelling, mainly around the eyes and mouth, is generally accompanied by a burning sensation.

There may or may not be rash-like swollen  bumps on other parts of the body such as hands and feet as well.

When these occur in the throat, they can give rise to breathing problems and tightness in the chest. Itching, if it is there, may not be as severe as in hives.

In very severe cases, there can be wheezing, difficulty in swallowing, giddiness and finally, loss of consciousness.  The condition may generally not last more than a few hours and may even disappear on its own.


Angioedema is by and large, an allergic reaction, though there could be other reasons for its occurrence as well.

At times, it may not be possible to discern the cause.   There could be many triggers for this condition, common among them being insect bites, allergy to antibiotics, or soaps and cosmetics.

Sometimes it can come about due to food allergies – crabs, shrimps and certain dairy products can all cause angioedema.

Some underlying medical conditions such as leukemia or disorders of the connective tissues can give rise to angioedema.  In very rare cases, it can be hereditary.

How to Cure angioedema naturally

#1.Avoid Allergen

Since most of the time, the trigger is an allergen, it is important for you to identify your particular trigger and avoid it.

Keep a diary if necessary.  Among foods, you need to be careful when you consume shellfish, dairy products or nuts and berries.

#2.Avoid Sulfate rich foods

Sulphites, which are added to some beverages could sometimes be a culprit;  also be observant when you consume food colourings.

There is nothing like having a good, balanced diet with a lot of fresh vegetables.   Some fruits, however,  could be triggers for this condition.

#3.Vitamin C Suppliments

Taking supplements of Vitamin C, 1000 – 1500 mg per day, will help reduce the symptoms of angioedema if histamines are the cause of the allergy.

#4.Take Green tea or chamomile tea

Green tea or chamomile tea can make for a soothing drink when you have this condition.  The symptoms will disappear soon.

However, do exercise some caution, particularly with chamomile, if you are already on blood-thinning medication.   Goldenseal can also be used in tea form.

#5. cool compresses

Applying cool compresses is another way of reducing the swelling and burning sensation.  Water used for bathing also should be comfortably warm only.

Angioedema Vs Hives

Angioedema is quite similar to hives, except that it occurs in the deeper tissues of the skin and there is more of a burning sensation than itching.

#6.Follow a Proven Method for Quick Cure

Once the cause is identified, it is quite simple to treat it by natural means and get rid of it quickly.   For more details on how to treat this condition naturally, do get in touch with a qualified Natural Therapist.

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