How to Get Rid of Asian Flush or alcohol flush reaction – Stop it Naturally

what is alcohol flush reaction &  avoid Asian flush

cure asian flush naturallyAre you concerned about the flushed red glow your face acquires every time you have a drink?  Though you restrict yourself to one or two drinks only at any social gathering, your face gives the impression that you have had one too many – and that’s certainly embarrassing.

It is not only the redness in the face – there are other symptoms, which makes you quite uncomfortable.  Is there a way out of this situation?

There certainly is – also, it is a completely natural means of getting rid of Asian Flush as this condition is called.  The best part is, it will cost you hardly anything to implement since most ingredients are available in your own home.


When you have an alcoholic drink, the first reaction you will feel like an Asian Flush sufferer is a slight numbness in your cheeks, followed by a quick warm flush, and your pulse rate simultaneously increases.

If you continue with your drink beyond this stage, your face begins to swell, and you may slowly start to feel itchy and dizzy, with nausea and vomiting, and the warmth in your face and neck region increases.

It is almost as if you have an allergy to alcohol, and you should discontinue the drink at the first signs of the symptoms to avoid an embarrassing situation while in the company.


The chief cause of Asian flush is genetic. You probably have a deficiency in an enzyme known as aldehyde dehydrogenase 2. This enzyme helps to break down the toxic acetaldehyde, which is resulting from alcohol metabolism acetic acid, which is less harmful to the body.

In the absence of this enzyme, the toxic chemicals formed in the body on account of alcohol consumption will enter the bloodstream, causing redness and swelling of the face, and other connected symptoms.

Asian Flush Natural Treatment

One good piece of advice – rarely if ever, taken – is to abstain from drinking.  For most persons who are used to it, it is the most challenging decision to take.

But that is the surest way to get the better of the condition you are facing.  Not acceptable?  Then at least ensure that there is some starchy substance in your stomach already before you commence on your drink.

#1.Starchy foods to reduce Asian flush

Starchy foods help to slow down alcohol metabolism, so your reaction to the drink may take some time to occur.    Also, take care to limit your drinking if you know that it will result in a response.

Since Asian Flush is essentially an allergy, one method which can be adopted to reduce the symptoms is to make use of natural antihistamines, several of which are available.

#2.Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea made by adding the dried herb to boiling water is one such excellent remedy.

#3.Vitamin C supplements

Vitamin C supplements will help you overcome the symptoms of Asian Flush because it is high in Vitamin C content.  Alternatively, you can also take supplements of this vitamin with good results.