How To Get Rid of Athletes Foot at Home Naturally: eliminate athletes foot

how to clear up athletes foot naturally: make athletes foot go away

Cure Athletes Foot FastThe skin on your feet looks red with rash and is even beginning to peel off in some places.  The accompanying itch is also unbearable.

You have visited the doctor, who informed you that you have contracted what is known as Athlete’s foot, a fungal infection that will have to be treated with medication and topical applications till it subsides.   But that is not the only way you can cure this condition.

Have you heard of Natural Therapy?  It is a form of treatment wherein no drugs are involved, and thus you need not worry about adverse side-effects.

On the other hand, you will be bringing about a quick and effective recovery by using only natural substances and natural methods.


With the Athlete’s foot, the skin on your feet becomes scaly, itchy, and red, and tends to peel off.

The sides and soles of the feet become dry, and the cracks and cuts can cause a severe burning sensation.

Sometimes the fungus can get under the toenails causing them to peel off, and the pain which that causes is genuinely intense.

Moreover, the condition is contagious, and hence, care needs to be taken by the sufferer, to see that the infection does not spread to others inadvertently.


The fungus tinea pedis causes Athlete’s foot.  This fungus thrives in warm, dark, and moist environments such as swimming pools, wet floors, damp clothing, etc.

Being contagious, it spreads by direct contact with the infected belongings of a person.  It is not restricted to athletes though athletes are prone to this condition because of the sweaty shoes they are forced to wear most of the time.

By and large, people who have a low immune system are the ones who are most affected by it.

athlete’s foot home treatment

There are many simple things a person can do to avoid getting an Athlete’s foot in the first place.

#1.Keeping one’s feet dry and sweat

Keeping one’s feet dry and perspiration-free is as essential as avoiding walking barefoot in contaminated areas.

Good hygiene goes a long way in preventing this condition.  Thus, you need to keep all your surroundings clean and also take care to wash regularly all bed sheets, towels, clothing, etc. and not keep them indefinitely.

#2.Tea tree oil

A 50% Tea tree oil solution is most useful as a remedy for Athletes foot.  It needs to be applied topically 2-3 times a day for approximately a month for results to appear.

Being a natural antiseptic, it is a good remedy for the scaliness and the burning and itching sensation.

#3.Soaking your feet in the salt solution

Soaking your feet in the salt solution is an excellent way to soothe the feet and get rid of the rash.  Aluminum chloride solution can also be used instead of salt solution.

#4.Grapefruit seed

Grapefruit seed extract can be applied externally on the affected areas to clear them of the fungus.

#5.Keep away from baked products.

Keep away from baked products that contain yeast;  also, stay away from alcohol and vinegar if you are prone to Athlete’s foot.

#6.substitute synthetic socks with cotton ones

Try to substitute synthetic socks with cotton ones,  keep your feet always dry and clean, wash them with a disinfectant soap if possible, and try not to wear very tight footwear.

#7.Rosemary or thyme oil

Rosemary or thyme oil diluted with olive oil and applied over the affected feet is a sure and effective remedy for Athlete’s foot.

#8.Listerine or any other antiseptic mouthwash

Listerine or any other antiseptic mouthwash is also useful in reducing the symptoms of this condition.   The feet need to be soaked in it for best results.

If you still need more remedies to treat Athlete’s foot, you can get several more from a qualified natural therapist, whom you would need to contact in the matter.