How to Get rid of Bed Wetting: Stop Bed Wetting Home Treatment

how to prevent bedwetting at night – Proven Method

Stop Bedwetting at nightYour child – still below ten – is in the habit of wetting her bed at night.

It is quite distressing not only for you but also for her – when she realizes it.   She is embarrassed and wants to know why it happens and what she can do to stop it from happening.

You don’t have a ready answer – neither are you sure how to handle the situation.  It is not your child

s fault, you feel – it is an almost involuntary action – yet on the spur of the moment, you reprimand her.

Try to control your temper – it can damage the child’s psyche unnecessarily.  Instead, look for ways to stop this from occurring – turn to Natural Therapy, which can guide you in natural ways to get rid of this habit at the earliest.

There is no need for the child to take expensive drugs for this purpose.


Wetting the bed is the only symptom one can observe in this case; this takes place mostly at night when the child is asleep.

This problem though very common among children, can also occur among adults when it becomes necessary to check for underlying medical disorders.


Habitual bed wetting could be the result of an under-developed nervous system that does not signal to the child that the bladder is full and that she needs to awake to empty it in the toilet.

Alternatively, the child may be in such a deep sleep that it is difficult for her to awaken at the right time.

A sensitive child who had some form of emotional stress during the day would tend to wet the bed at night.

Sometimes, there may also be other underlying medical conditions such as urinary tract infection or malfunctioning kidneys, for which a diagnosis may become necessary.

Bedwetting Home Treatment: eliminate bedwetting

The parent needs to have an understanding attitude towards the child in such a situation.

#1.Understand Your Child

The child is already under a certain amount of tension, and only a patient and understanding approach will make it easier for the child to discard this habit.

It may help to ensure that the child visits the toilet just before going to bed at night.Also, taking milk just before bedtime can be avoided.

#2.Dried Gates

Dried dates ground into a glass of warm milk and consumed before sleeping at night will cure bedwetting.

#3.herb Equisetum

Some herbs can come in handy in the treatment of bedwetting. There is a herb Equisetum available in some parts of Asia, which, while controlling stress, can also play a role in improving bladder control.


Passiflora is another herb with stress-relieving qualities, which can help cure this condition.

#5.Cranberry juice

Take Cranberry juice in the evening to prevent bedwetting.

A spoonful of mustard powder taken with a glass of warm milk will help eliminate the habit of bedwetting.


A paste made of 2 walnuts with a few raisins taken daily over a week to ten days is a well-known cure for bedwetting.

#7. Raisins & honey

Take Raisins & honey together for good effect.

Ripe bananas taken daily is yet another useful remedy for this problem.

Bed-wetting is a common problem, especially among girl children. However, there are good natural ways in which this problem can be got rid of permanently.  This habit does not last beyond ten years of age.

If you want more ways in which to get rid of the habit, or for more guidance in the matter, do get in touch with a qualified natural therapist.