How to Get Rid of Cankles With Exercise Fast

how to avoid cankles with Simple Exercises

Being overweight brings forth an array of health issues.  When obese, fat gets stored wherever it can, even where the calf meets the foot.

Edema, which is the buildup and accumulation of body fluids at abnormally high levels, is visibly seen around feet and ankles.

Both these conditions may cause cankles, which is calf appearing to merge with the foot without any defined ankle visible.

The ankle gets covered in several layers of body fat or body fluids.  In very rare cases, a poor circulatory system may also give a swollen appearance to your ankles.

Standing or sitting for long hours will make your heart work harder in order to pump back blood from ankles against gravity, and when overexerted, some may be left behind in your ankles, causing it to swell.

A healthy diet and an effective exercise plan will help you get rid of Cankles problem.

Get Rid of Cankles Without Surgery

#1.Exercise for Cankle Removal :Begin by walking

Begin by walking.Walking is the best form of exercise to reduce weight all over your body equally.  Graduate gradually to jogging and then running.

Once fitness levels have increased, run at top speed for short distances, short distance running but at a faster speed will help reduce plumpness around calf muscles.

#2.Jump squats

Jump squats will help in reducing cankles.  Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hands on your hips.

Lower your body down into a squat position with back erect and curved backward at the bottom level.  Your thighs should be parallel to the floor and, with chin held straight, jump as high as possible.

Once you land, lower your body back to the squat position.  Repeat this approximately five times and work your way upwards to a point where it is possible to perform two sets of 10 repetitions each.

#3.A calf raise

A calf raise may also help.  Stand a few feet away from a wall facing it.  Place your feet hip-width apart and palms on the wall at chest level for balance.

Slowly raise your heels away from the ground to a point where you are standing on balls of feet and toes.  Pause for 10 seconds and then lower back to the original position in a slow manner.

Repeat this 3-5 times, gradually working up to 20 repetitions.  Then try this involving only one foot at a time, keeping the other tucked behind you.

#4.Ankle inversion

Ankle inversion is another helpful exercise form.  Seat yourself comfortably and stretch your right leg forward.  Rotate your ankle inward and hold in this position to a count of 6.

Repeat this 8-10 times.  Now lower your right foot and follow the same process in your left.  You can follow this up by practicing eversions where each foot is rotated outwards with the same amount of repetitions.

#5.Jumping jack

Jumping jack step exercise is great for calf muscles and may reduce cankles.  Stand at the bottom of your staircase, feet placed together, and hands-on-hips.

Jump up onto the first step using both feet and back again to the floor.  Jump back and forth for about a minute or so to strengthen your calf muscles.

A simpler version would be to stand erect, feet together, and hands at sides.  Jump and place your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width, pulling your hands upwards together simultaneously.

Jump again to the original position lowering your hands down at sides.  Perform this rhythmically 5-10 times, gradually working upwards.

#6.Examine the root cause of Water Retention

Weight gain and water retention may be symptoms of underlying disease conditions.  So get yourself thoroughly examined and seek effective treatment methods for any disease that may be diagnosed, and you may see your cankles disappearing altogether.