Chickenpox, how to get rid of fast? Proven Home Remedies Here

how to treat & cure  chickenpox naturally

treat Chicken Pox NaturallyYour child has picked up the Chicken Pox virus from school. The characteristic rash has appeared on the torso, face, and hands.

This explains the period of weakness, fever, and sore throat symptomatic of this infection, which preceded it, and which you had mistaken for some other illness. Of course, you will not send her to school until such time the rash, which will develop into bumps and scabs, entirely disappears.

They are incredibly contagious. But how do you quicken the process, and what is the best way to give relief to the child?  Certainly not prescription medicines – they are too harsh most of the time.

The best way out is to go for Natural Therapy –that is what most affected persons do since this is the only form of treatment that provides sound remedies apart from giving cool, soothing relief to the skin.


What begins as a sore throat and fever quickly develops into a reddish rash on the chest and abdomen and then on to the hands, arms, legs, and other parts of the body.

The rash, produced by the varicella-zoster virus (VZV), soon grows from a red bite like a rash to blisters, bumps, and finally, scabs.

When all the blisters and bumps turn into scabs, they are no longer contagious.  These scabs generally fall off on their own.

At times, secondary infections caused by bacteria may be present, in which case, the lesions are filled with a greenish liquid and become painful. Other complications may also arise, but instances of such occurrences are scarce.

The VZV virus causes chickenpox.

Chickenpox is caused by the VZV virus and spreads both by direct contact with an affected person or through droplets from a cough or sneezing from such a person.  Symptoms may appear anywhere between 10 to 21 days after such contact.

how to cure chickenpox naturally

The following are the best natural methods to deal with chickenpox at home: compresses

Applying cool compresses over the affected areas is the best way to give relief to the child.    Even the fever, if any, can be reduced by treating similarly.   Avoid giving any OTC drugs, particularly aspirin, since it can lead to other complications.

#2.A vegetarian diet

A vegetarian diet devoid of too much fat, oils, and spices should be followed for two weeks, at least from the first appearance of a rash.

#3.Calamine lotion

Applying Calamine lotion, which has antimicrobial properties,  works well on chickenpox rash.


A pinch of turmeric mixed with karela juice applied on the rash is another soothing remedy.

#5.Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is another good cooling remedy for the sores in chickenpox.


Oatmeal pastes can also be used with benefit. water bath

The child can be bathed in cold water to which some baking soda has been added to avoid the itching sensation, which invariably accompanies the rash.

#8.rosemary, comfrey, and chickweed

Gently apply a mixture of rosemary, comfrey, and chickweed over the sores.  This will give cool relief from itching.

#9.Drink Enough Water

The child’s water intake should be carefully monitored so that dehydration does not occur.  Plenty of fluids, particularly water, should be given from time to time in sufficient quantities to avoid dehydration.

#10. Avoid Scratching

The fingernails of the child should be cut to avoid further infection on account of scratching of sores.

The medication of any kind is best avoided – natural treatment is the best option as Chicken Pox is concerned.

how long does chickenpox usually last

The infection follows an almost fixed period, usually 10-15 days, before the scabs appear and fall off.