How to Get Rid of Dark Circles at Home Naturally

Are you concerned about getting rid of the  the dark circles under your eyes which are disfiguring your face?

The skin under your eyes is extremely sensitive, and hence, what you need is a good natural remedy which you can try out at home.

Fortunately, there are several natural treatments which you could apply and get good results in no time at all.


At times, the skin below the lower eyelid and cheeks becomes dark, puffy, and itchy. Sometimes, puffy bags develop below the eyes.

The eyes also take on a reddish color, and they may begin to water. You can also experience nasal congestion and facial pressure along with the darkening of the skin, depending on the cause.

Some accompanying symptoms are indicative of a more serious condition, sometimes even life-threatening.

If your nose bleeds or becomes suddenly deformed along with the dark circles under the eyes, or there is a feeling of tightness in the throat, or disorientation of any kind, fever, or change in vision or eyeball movement, you must consider the condition serious and immediately take medical help.


The sensitive skin below the lower eyelid has a number of very narrow capillaries through which blood has to travel.

In the process, the red blood cells may break – i.e., in other words, the haemoglobin degrades into smaller components which gives a dark blue colour to the skin on the surface.

There could be many reasons for this process to happen and for the consequent appearance of dark circles below the eyes, chief among them being lifestyle (such as excess consumption of alcohol or caffeine, smoking, fatigue, aging, etc.) :

They can also occur on account of dehydration, malnutrition, or anemia;   Other reasons include injury to the head or eye, infection,  fractures around the eye, etc.

The latter causes would need immediate medical attention.

Natural Treatment

Used tea-bags can be used yet again – for reducing the intensity of dark circles around the eyes.  Lie down with moist, used tea-bags over the dark circles for about 10 minutes taking care to keep the eyes closed.

Do this daily till the circles disappear. It should not take too many days to get results.  Among herbal teas, chamomile tea bags alone will work similarly – other herbal teas do not give results.

Cucumber is a well-known and time-tested recipe for removing dark circles below the eyes.  Slices of cucumber or cucumber juice applied over the area for 5-10 minutes can have an almost bleaching effect on the dark circles, apart from giving the eyes a refreshing coolness.

Hold cold water in the palm of your hand under each eye for a minute, several times a day.

Alternatively, you can cool the area under your eyes with ice held in a plastic bag – for short periods of a minute or so –whenever possible throughout the day.

Wash a few mint leaves in water, extract the juice and apply over the dark circles.  Take care not to allow the juice to enter the eyes.

Another remedy is to apply pure almond oil over the dark patches twice or thrice a day.  Eating almonds also helps since almonds are known to be a good skin tonic.

Vitamin E is a good skin tonic as well.  Break a capsule of this vitamin, take a drop or two on a swab and apply it over the dark circles.

Apart from these specific remedies, you should also ensure that you get a good night’s sleep- min. 8 hours- and drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water every day.