How to Get Rid of Dry Eye at Home Naturally

Do you nowadays suffer from a burning sensation, redness, and pain in the eyes and cannot do much about it?  This may be due to a condition is known as dry eye. 

There is really no need to keep suffering in silence, because there are ways in which you can get rid of this sensation quite simply, using natural methods and natural substances available in your home.


When you are diagnosed with Dry Eye, you will experience pain, redness, and irritation in the eyes with the feeling that a foreign particle is lodged in the eye, the vision gets blurred,  and the eyes will tend to water. 

However, this water composition is different from that of tears, which also lubricate the eye, whereas when the eye waters during dry eye, only the debris collected therein will be washed out, and no lubrication takes place.


The eyes depend, for their comfort and smooth functioning, on the tears which continuously provide lubrication and moisture. 

Though our tears appear to be like water, their composition is very different.  The moisture for the eyes is provided by the water in tears, while the other components such as oil, antibodies, and certain proteins provide lubrication, protection against infection, etc. 

The process of blinking sends the tears into the eyes to perform their normal function.  During certain tasks, such as watching TV or driving, the blinking rate slows down, resulting in slowing down the lubrication of the eye, causing dry eye. 

Other reasons for this condition are old age,  dry environment, certain medications, etc.

Natural Treatment:

If you are suffering from dry eye,  you should try not to expose your eyes to dry climatic conditions or a smoky atmosphere. 

Wearing sunglasses is a good idea when you are outdoors.  Simultaneously, try to give the eyes sufficient rest,  blink often, drink lots of water, and have good amounts of nuts and seeds.  Eye-make-up should be of reputed brands only.

You can also dip a washcloth in hot water, wring it out, and apply it over the eyes for 5-10 minutes at a time, several times a day, to get the tear glands to release tears into the eyes.

Given its high omega-3 fatty acid content, Flaxseed oil is an excellent natural remedy for dry eye. 

However, it needs to be taken orally and not directly applied to the eye.  About one tablespoon of this oil, mixed with yogurt or water for best results,  is to be taken daily.

Evening Primrose Oil, essential oil containing linoleic acid, is available in capsule form and is considered one of the best dry eye treatments.

Vitamin A, apart from Vitamins C and E,  is found to be effective in the treatment of the dry eye.  It helps in the formation of mucus, an essential component of our tears. Without it, the eyes feel dry, and night vision is reduced.   Vitamin B2 is also considered a good remedy for dry eyes.

Putting 1-2 drops of organic castor oil in each eye before retiring for the night,  for about 5-6 days, is known to get rid of dry eye syndrome.