How to Get Rid of Ear Infection at Home Naturally

Get Rid of Ear Infection

The pain in your ear is becoming unbearable – and you wonder what remedial measures you can take to alleviate it.

But did you know that there are several natural ways in which you can get rid of not only the ear pain but also the infection which causes it?

There are some straightforward natural methods you can do so, sitting in your own home.

ear infection


While the outer ear can get infected,  most of the ear infection complaints pertain to the middle ear (otitis media), located after the eardrum in the ear.

Generally, the accumulation of fluids in this portion of the ear will give rise to earache.  Prominent symptoms are:

–    Pain in the ear accompanied by a feeling of blockage or fullness in the affected ear.  On inspection, pus will be found in the middle ear

–    Muffled hearing

–    Generally lacking a  feeling of wellness

–    Vomiting and loose motions along with an earache

–    Vertigo – in some cases

If left untreated, a middle ear infection can ultimately lead to permanent hearing loss and damage to the eardrum.


Most ear infections are caused by clogging of the Eustachian tube, which is present between the middle ear and the throat and whose main function is to facilitate the draining of the fluid in the ear into the throat.

The blocking of this tube and consequent infection can occur when water enters the ear,  or as an aftermath of a cold, exposure to cigarette smoke, allergies, exposure to cold, or after a recent illness, when immunity is low.

Nasal polyps can also cause a buildup of fluid in the ear.

Natural Treatment:

Contrary to general presumptions, it is absolutely possible to cure ear infection using only natural methods and substances.

In fact, the use of antibiotics may only interfere with your immune system.  Thus, the chances of recurrence of such an affliction will reduce if you choose to treat the condition naturally rather than treat it with antibiotics.

What you need to do when you have an ear infection is to totally abstain from consuming all dairy products to reduce mucous formation.

Also, check if you are allergic to egg whites, wheat, soy, etc. and exclude this from your diet.   Abstaining from sugars and sweets will also help.

You can also boil some garlic in mineral oil and drop a few drops into the ear.  Garlic is a good remedy for infection.

The flowers of the mullein herb, infused in oil, are particularly useful in curing ear infections.

A few drops of hydrogen peroxide can also be put in the ear and allowed to remain for a few minutes before cleaning off with a cotton swab.

Some essential oils work as good remedies for ear infection. A drop each of  Lavender, chamomile, and Tea Tree oil, mixed with warm olive oil or almond oil as a carrier, is one combination that works well.

Taking Zinc supplements will help your immune system to fight earaches and infection.

Colloidal silver used as ear wash will reduce the infection in the inner ear.