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Get Rid of Eczema

Can I Cure Eczema Naturally & Permanently?

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Has your skin developed redness and rashes along with an irritating itch, which you cannot control?

The doctor has told you it is eczema, and you have tried several drugs as prescribed by him,  but are you aware that you can get rid of this condition in a much more simple way, using natural methods and substances?

It is absolutely possible, and what is more, natural therapy does not produce any side-effects either, unlike conventional medicines.

Symptoms &  Causes:

Eczema is the general term used to describe various types of skin disorders. Basically, it refers to the inflammation of the skin’s outer layer, and it can affect persons of all ages.   There are four common types, each type having its set of symptoms:

Atopic Eczema – This form of skin inflammation occurs on account of a hereditary predisposition to skin sensitivity.  It is characterized by an itchy rash that can be observed right from the scalp down to the knees and buttocks.  Those who suffer from this type of eczema also tend to suffer from asthma.

Contact Dermatitis – is another form of eczema wherein, as the name suggests, the skin breaks into rashes on contact with certain irritants or allergens.

A common example of this is sodium lauryl sulfate, which generally forms part of all detergents.    Some plants can also secrete juices, which cause skin irritation. (eg. Congress Grass)

Xerotic Eczema – occurs in arid skin conditions, such as in winter, and affects the elderly section of the population.

In this type of eczema, the limbs and trunk are most affected, and the skin cracks and becomes itchy and dry.

There are also other types of eczema affecting different parts of the body and different groups of people, but these are less common.

how to treat eczema at home

Most eczema cases are completely curable by merely removing the cause from the environment in which the person exists.    Other more severe cases can also be treated easily with natural therapy.

#1. Avoid Detergent Residue In dress

If you are using detergents to wash clothes, ensure that you rinse them thoroughly before use.

#2.Diet for Eczema Cure

A slight modification in the diet can help reduce or get rid of eczema to a great extent.  Those who suffer from it should generally keep away from foods with high mineral content, such as okra, onions, ginger, radish, cucumber, colas, and ice-creams.  Papayas are also not recommended for people with eczema.

#3.Neem leaves

Neem leaves with their cooling properties make a good remedy for skin disorders.  The liquid obtained by boiling a few neem leaves in water should be applied over the inflamed skin for immediate relief.

#4.Mango pulp

Mango pulp, boiled in water and applied over the affected skin, is an effective cure for eczema.

#5.Sandalwood paste,

Sandalwood paste, when applied over the affected area over a period of 5-6 days, can cure eczema very effectively.


Apply a good moisturizer on one side of the cloth, and then tie the cloth over the skin loosely, but taking care that the moisturizer is in contact with the affected skin.  It gives good relief.

Calamine lotion applied on the affected skin surface is a good remedy.


Use oatmeal instead of soap for your bath.

#8.Coconut oil

Coconut oil applied over the affected skin will keep the area smooth and moist.

#9.Spearmint leaf juice

Spearmint leaf juice will also prove effective as a cure for eczema if applied regularly over the affected skin.

#10.UV light

Treatment with UV light can also help in curing eczema.  This, however, needs to be done under the supervision of a doctor.   However, exposure to sunlight is also recommended as a cure for eczema.

Natural remedies are the best solution for eczema since drugs may have a deleterious effect on the skin in the long run.

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