How to Get Rid of Emetophobia: cope with emetophobia at Home

Get Rid of Emetophobia

Is Emetophobia Curable Naturally?

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Are you living under the constant fear that you will bring up in public places – and that you might have to live with this fear all your life?

If so, that is a mistaken impression because you can get over this fear with simple natural treatment.

It is certainly in your interest to understand that it is only a phobia and rid of it. Otherwise, it would be challenging for you to cope with day-to-day situations where you may find apparent triggers for vomiting around every street corner.


People like you, who have this phobia, are likely to exhibit some characteristic symptoms, some of which are given below:

–    You avoid going to places like malls, cinema theatres, restaurants, etc.:   If you do eat out, you will be picky about what you eat, avoiding anything that might not agree with you – not only that, you would choose a place close to an exit.

–    You would rather not travel by bus or train within your city: Your preferred mode of transport would be your vehicle

–    You would think twice about traveling from one place to another by air

–    You would avoid getting pregnant

–    If you were to walk past a public dustbin, it would make you feel like vomiting

–    You scrupulously avoid being with anyone who looks ill


The cause of emetophobia is mainly psychological.

The person concerned would have been, when young, exposed to a traumatic situation involving someone who was ill when young (one to six years old). The memory of that situation has been recorded in the person’s subconscious, such that any resemblance to that situation in the person’s current circumstances, would result in a recall of the old memory, and the abnormal behavior manifests outwardly.

how to overcome emetophobia without Medication

Given below are fast-acting home remedies to get rid of emetophobia quickly and permanently.


Ginger is the most widely recommended herb in the treatment of nausea. Try sipping some ginger ale when you feel about vomit coming on.

Other items you can chew on are mint, chewing gum, light carbohydrates like biscuits, etc.

#2. Avoid triggers

Ensure that your environment does not trigger nausea for you. i.e., Get some fresh air – keep the windows open, see that the room temperature is comfortable,  try to avoid watching too much TV or sitting before the PC for too long,  do some deep breathing and relaxation exercises daily and avoid strong smells.


There is an acupressure point on the underside of the wrist, which, when activated, will dispel the feeling of nausea.  Wearing a specialized wrist band available for this purpose will help.


Hypnotherapy is another method by which a person who has emetophobia can be cured.

This treatment will go to the root of the problem and eliminate the cause rather than treat the symptoms.  However, it would need to be done by an experienced hypnotherapist.

#.5.Emotional Freedom Technique

There is yet another technique developed in recent times, known as the Emotional Freedom Technique, which seeks to eliminate fears and phobias by merely tapping on specific points on the body, while repeating certain statements, or by using the ‘Tell the story’ method,   both of which try to bring out the subconscious cause of the problem.

A well-versed therapist in this field would eliminate the psychological reason for the phobia very quickly.

#6. For Quick Cure, follow a Proven System

If you want to cure emetophobia quickly, you can follow a proven system that has worked for others.

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