how to stop female hair loss naturally within 2 Weeks : reverse female hair loss

how to treat female pattern hair loss at home

stop female hair lossAre you losing hair by the handfuls every day?  If so, you would have most probably tried out a good number of over-the-counter medications and applications and are still not satisfied with the results of any of them.

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While the loss of a few hairs every day should be taken in your stride, it is entirely stressful, especially for a lady,  to see bunches of hair falling off daily without being able to do anything about it.

Do not worry – worrying about this will in itself cause a few more hairs to fall.  Keep calm,  because it is very much possible to arrest hair fall, however severe,  with Natural Therapy.

Instead of applying harsh chemicals on your hair or taking dangerous drugs, under natural therapy, you will be using only natural substances that are readily available.

how to combat female hormone hair loss

It is normal to have a few strands of hair falling daily.  It is not generally a cause for concern, since these strands are regularly replaced naturally.

A new hair grows out from the same hair follicle, which is located below the surface of the scalp.

how common is female hair loss

However, if you find more than 50-60 hairs falling off every day,  and the steps you have taken do not help contain this trend, it becomes a cause for concern – there could even be some underlying medical cause for this to happen.

In some cases, with the onset of menopause,  the hair tends to thin at the center of the scalp, and the condition goes by the name of female pattern balding.

In some other cases, the hair comes off, leaving distinct bald patches, the condition being known as alopecia areata. Fortunately for women, the severity of hair loss is never as bad as for men, though women tend to suffer more from this condition than men.

What are the Causes of Female Hair Falling:

Hair loss among females is a widespread occurrence.  You can lose a lot of hair by merely having a tight hairstyle or brushing or perming it too much, or using harsh dyes, blow dryers, etc.

Hormonal changes occurring after pregnancy or after menopause can also cause severe hair loss.  An excess of male hormones among women is a known reason for this condition.

Fungal or bacterial infection of the scalp, tumors, hypothyroidism, nutritional deficiencies, and certain medications and processes such as chemotherapy are all causes of hair loss in women. Heredity is another factor responsible for the type of hair one has.

how to stop female hair loss naturally

In the home treatment of hair loss in women, as in any other condition, it is useful to know the exact cause.

It then becomes possible to work in the right direction with the treatment, and results can be expected faster than when a generalized treatment is given.

#1. If there is an Underlying Medical Problem, Get rid of that

If the reason is a medical condition, the rectification of that condition usually sees a slowdown in hair loss.

If you are healthy & your hair fall is not related to an underlying medical condition, following natural methods will reverse your hair fall.

#2.Diet  to combat hair loss female

In other cases, diet and nutrition play a huge role in giving you a beautiful crop of hair.  A high protein, low carbohydrate diet with the right kind of fats is generally recommended for lustrous long hair.

A fair amount of omega 3s from fish, walnuts, and seeds along with legumes, poultry, eggs, and green leafy vegetables, will give you the necessary minerals and vitamins as well.

While on the subject of vitamins,  those of the B group are very important and should never be overlooked.  Among them, biotin and cobalamine (B7 and B12) are most essential for healthy hair. Good sources are meat, eggs, fish, and liver.

#3.consume green tea  to cope with female hair loss

For a woman suffering from hair loss, it is useful to consume green tea, which reduces the number of male hormones in the system. It is known that if these are in excess,  hair fall can result.


Zinc, silica, and copper are the minerals vital for proper hair growth.  Supplements can be used, but these have to be taken in the correct proportions to have the desired effect.

#5.Keeping the hair clean and free of infection

Keeping the hair clean and free of infection,  treating it gently at all times, and giving it the right nourishment are all critical factors in having fair hair and preventing its loss. For more details on the subject, do get in touch with the right Natural Therapist.

#6.Professional Guide on Female Hair Loss

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