11 Natural Ways to cure flatulence naturally & prevent flatulence Forever

how to stop flatulence Quickly using Natural Methods

Of late, you have been facing some very awkward moments in social get-togethers.   Your flatulence problem seems to be getting out of control.

You have to do something about it at least so that you are not embarrassed in public.   But you feel odd about going to a doctor for something so insignificant.

In such a case, your best option is to make use of the methods available under Natural Therapy to bring about relief from gas, bloating and flatulence.

Many natural substances are available, with the use of which, you can overcome this very embarrassing condition.

Flatulence Symptoms:

A person who produces a lot of gas tends to suffer from bloating, heartburn, indigestion and pain in the abdomen,  apart from passing gas several times a day.  It is a normal biological process, and affects almost everyone at some time or other, more so if a person is constipated.   By itself, it is a harmless condition, but foul-smelling gas can be extremely embarrassing especially when you are in a social situation  – hence the need to do something to get rid of the habit.

Top Causes of  Flatulence:

Whenever we open our mouths to speak, or even when we swallow food or water, some amount of air from the atmosphere, consisting mainly of oxygen and nitrogen, also enters our gut.

While the oxygen is absorbed and utilized within our system, the nitrogen is not so easily absorbed and results in  flatulence.

Additionally, the food we eat is also broken up into various substances, including some gases, such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane.

If a good amount of protein has been ingested, the sulfur content can result in odorous gases in the stomach and intestines.

These gases tend to build up and cause flatulence. Fermentation of foods in the stomach can also give rise to gas.

how to treat flatulence naturally at home

Find here proven to be most effective home remedies & natural methods to get rid of flatulence and stop formation of stomach gas.

#1.talk less &  eat more – to lessen flatulence

One very simple piece of advice is to ‘talk less – eat more’ while you are having your food.  This would limit the amount of air swallowed into the gut, some of which would result in flatulence.  Eating slowly also helps to reduce the amount of air you take in while eating.

#2.massage the stomach

Another simple solution is to massage the stomach clockwise, whenever you feel build-up of gas.  This helps to loosen the gas and reduce bloating and discomfort.

#3.try walking  to reduce flatulence

When you sense accumulation of gas in the stomach, try walking about for a while.  You will soon experience some relief.

#4.hot-water bag

You can also use a hot-water bag (mildly hot) over the abdomen and also on the lower back, to relieve the discomfort you feel on account of gas build-up.

#5. aniseed & milk – To Relieve Stomach Gas

Boil a teaspoon of aniseed in a cup of milk,  strain and drink the mixture.

It will help push out the gas from the intestines.

#6.Chewing mint leaves – To Stop Flatulence

Chewing mint leaves after a heavy meal will contain the flatulence to a great extent.

#7.Ginger ,best natural remedy for flatulence

Ginger is yet another natural substance which will absorb any gas produced as a result of poor digestion of spicy, heavy meals.  Make use of ginger and also garlic daily in your cooking to get relief from flatulence.

#8.Carom seeds & Fennel Seeds

Carom seeds (ajwain) when taken after a meal will help to limit flatulence.

Fennel seeds work similarly.


Eating a tiny piece of jaggery (gur) after a heavy meal, is also a good remedy for flatulence.

#10. cumin seed & honey

Having a paste of ground cumin seed with a teaspoon of honey after meals will help limit flatulence.

Flatulence can be brought under control very easily with natural remedies which are not difficult to come across.   If you need still more information on the subject do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.

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