How to Get Rid of Foot Odour at Home Naturally

Are you worried about finding a suitable remedy for your feet, which of late, have been smelling terrible – somewhat like vinegar?

This is a very common occurrence, but it is quite embarrassing, so it is a good idea to get rid of it.

Of course, you can use pleasant smelling deodorants but that will only mask the smell for a while, not get rid of it completely.

Did you know that you can actually get rid of this foul smell in your feet naturally at home?  It is absolutely possible, with the right substances and with slight dietary modifications.


Some persons are more susceptible to foot odor than others.  A foul smell –something resembling vinegar, or sometimes ammonia – emanates from the feet after you have worn your shoes on for a full day.

Sometimes the smell is there even if you have had your socks and shoes on for a little while in the sun.

Dark-colored socks bring on the smell faster than white ones;  nylon or polyester socks also cause the feet to smell more than when you have worn cotton ones.


Sweat is the main cause of body odor, whether it be on the feet or armpits.  However, it is not sweating alone that causes the odor, but the action of ever-present bacteria that find the sweat’s moistness a suitable environment for proliferation.

Insufficient ventilation of the feet, when covered with socks and shoes, adds to the odor.   There are certain types of bacteria which feed on the dead skin cells of the feet, in the process, converting the methionine present in the dead skin into a compound which possesses a sulphuric smell.

When present in sweaty conditions, other bacteria produce propionic acid which has a smell similar to that of vinegar.

Diet also plays a role in the odor which emanates from your feet.  Those who eat onions, peppers, and garlic will find that their sweat smells much like these food substances.

Natural Treatment:

You have very many simple natural remedies for smelly feet.   Some aim at masking the odor while most of them strike at the root of the problem, making it difficult for the bacteria to thrive.

If you find you need to constantly move around on your feet, see if you can

Cut down on some of the activity, or use activated charcoal shoe inserts to support the arch of your feet and reduce the sweat.

Wash your feet often, between the toes, with soap and warm water.  Dry them thoroughly, and then use a roll-on deodorant.  Do this several times a day.

You can even use a good foot powder,  cornstarch,  soda-bicarb, or even talcum powder.

Use cotton socks rather than synthetic ones since they allow for better ventilation of the feet.  Also, try not to wear closed shoes if you can help it.

Sprinkle the powder of dry Sage leaves on your feet before wearing on your socks and shoes.  This will combat the odour quite effectively.

Soaking your feet in a saline solution made of coarse salt about once or twice a week will help eradicate the problem eventually.

You can also soak your feet in black or green tea once or twice a week as above.

Reduce your consumption of onions, garlic, and other substances containing sulfur.   On the other hand, increase your intake of foods containing zinc or take zinc supplements to get rid of your feet’ odour.

Foot odor can be very embarrassing at times, and you most certainly have it treated at the earliest. For this,  a consultation with a Professional Natural Therapist will be of great help to you.