How to Get Rid of Gallstone Naturally: Dissolve & Flush Stones in Gall’s bladder

Get Rid of Gallstones

Is Gallstone Curable Naturally?

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The dull pain you are used to suffering in your upper right abdomen, soon after a good dinner, has been diagnosed by your doctor due to gallstones.

These stones have shown up clearly in a USG, which your doctor advised, and now he advises surgery to remove them.

However painful, are you aware that these gallstones can be easily rid of naturally, at home, using natural methods and substances?

You need not spend huge amounts undergoing surgery, only to end up with side-effects, which can be as severe as bowel cancer.


A dull heaviness in the upper right abdomen soon after a heavy meal is indicative of gallstones.   The pain intensifies and becomes severe over a period of 3-4 hours.

It can also radiate into the right shoulder and the center of the shoulder blades. Nausea, vomiting, bloating, and belching often accompanies the pain.  In severe cases, jaundice may be the result.


The gallbladder is the bile’s storage point, which the liver produces to digest fatty foods.  It is connected to the small intestine using the bile duct.

Whenever food high in lipids reaches the small intestine, bile from the gallbladder pours through the small intestine duct.

Bile consists mainly of cholesterol, water, salts, and bilirubin.   Sometimes an excess of bile in the gallbladder, which remains after release, tends to harden into gallstones.

As long as these gallstones remain in the gallbladder, they are harmless.  The problem begins when one or more of these gallstones travel into any ducts connecting the liver or intestines’ gallbladder.

Here they lodge themselves, and depending on their size, they can block the duct, obstructing the passage of the bile between the organs.

This blockage results in infection and severe pain, and if not treated, an emergency-like situation may develop. Obese women are more prone to this condition, estrogen being one of the contributing factors and obesity.

how to get rid of gallstone naturally by Dissolving & Passing Stones in Gallbladder without Pain

A proper diagnosis should be sought the moment the symptoms develop so that treatment can be effective.  There are several natural methods by which gallstones can be got rid of completely from the system before it becomes an emergency:

#1. Avoid Junk Foods

Firstly, reduce your intake of fatty junk foods and carbohydrates.

#2.Reduce Weight

Also, try to reduce your overall weight. Try also not to starve.

Instead of having one heavy meal, try to have 2-3 smaller ones to reduce the digestive system’s burden.

#3.Drink Lot of water to manage gallstone naturally

Always keep yourself well-hydrated.  This will help wash out the gallstones from the system.

#4.Apple-Lemon-Olive Oil  to do a gallstone flush

In combination with lemon juice and olive oil, Apple juice is an excellent natural remedy for removing gallstones.  The procedure is as follows:

For 2 days, drink 4 glasses of apple juice per day. On the second night, drink a cupful of a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil.  The gallstones will pass out of your system on the following day.

#5.Apply Olive Oil Packs Externally  to stop gallstone pain immediately

Warm Olive oil packs can also be used externally over the gallbladder area of the abdomen.  Heat the area with a hot water bag, and then place the olive oil pack over it.  The oil will seep into the gallbladder and dissolve the stones.

#6.Foods that dissolve gallstones  to treat gallstone without surgery

Citrus juices, horseradish, and coffee are among the other natural substances found effective in removing gallstones.

#7.Adequate Exercises

Movement is also necessary to dislodge the gallstones from the position they have adopted.  Hence sufficient exercise will help.

#8.Following a Proven Natural System for Quick & Guaranteed Cure

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