How to Get Rid of Gambling Addiction – beat gambling addiction Permanently

How to fight & win the gambling addiction battle

gambling addictionGambling is a game played with usually high stakes laid on money or property with an uncertain outcome.

This comes in various forms like lotteries, casinos, online gaming, card rooms, and betting shops found worldwide.

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Dangers of Gambling

  • Because of its easy access, this activity, which is meant to be a form of recreation, becomes a compulsive habit that eventually progresses to financial and relationship issues.
  • Gambling that starts as a fun pass time will later be habituated as a game to take your mind away from problems that you may be facing in your life.
  • It will make you a less responsible person, taking time off from family and social gatherings, family outings, work and shun yourself from realities of life.
  • Or when a person ends up winning bets more often, he will view this activity as a fast route to make easy money and continue with the difficult-to-break habit.

Simple Steps to Avoid Addiction to Gambling

The following are the proven & popular methods used to get rid of gambling addiction & to save yourself from perishing.

#1. Keep Tracking – to handle a gambling addiction Effectively

If gambling is a mere hobby for you, keep track of time, and limit your time spent in casinos and gambling joints.

#2. Say no to Alcohol while gambling

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages while gambling as this will reduce your logical thought process and impair your decision-making abilities.

#3.Control Loss

Take along with you only an amount that you can afford to lose and think ahead for how long you want to play.

#4. Do not Borrow for gambling

Do not borrow money from fellow gamblers or rush to the nearest ATM to withdraw some to continue gambling.

#5.Be Disciplined

The moment your money is spent (with you either losing or gaining more) or your set time-limit approaches, move out of the environment immediately.

These measures will help one prevent their hobby, turning into a hard to deal with habit.  However, when this pastime already has established itself into an addiction, more effort will need to be put in to come out of it.

#6.Self Motivation to Get Out of Gambling addiction

Of utmost importance, the addict should be willing to bring about a change within oneself.  He should be honest in his efforts and open-minded to recover successfully from this addiction.

The most significant step taken towards the path of recovery is for the gambler to realize and have the courage to own up to his problem.

#7. Keep money out of your reach

If you want to get rid of this habit, the first important step that needs to be taken towards recovery is to hide away all your money reserves.

Keep your credit cards, cash, and debit cards with someone you can trust, be it your life partner or someone from your family or your best buddy.

#8.Close Gambling Accounts: how to stop online gambling addiction

If you are into online gambling, contact online casinos via email and request them to close your account.

#9.Redirect the Gambling Urge to cure gambling addiction

Have a plan to put in action whenever the urge to gamble arises, like going out for a jog, a movie plan with friends, or a dinner plan with family and relatives.

#10. Find alternative socializing platforms to beat gambling addiction

As gambling is viewed as a means for socializing by many addicts, it is worthy of becoming engaged more in social activities and gatherings, meet more people giving yourself lesser time to make betting plans.

#11. Practice Yoga or Meditation –  Helps to break a gambling addiction

Gambling desires may be triggered by painful thoughts, broken relationships, arguing with someone whose opinions mean a lot to you, or a hard day at your workplace.

Find alternative healthier options to help you cope with these rather than resorting to betting like yoga, deep breathing, or meditation techniques.

#12. Support Group – Helps to control gambling addiction

Join a support group and keep their contact numbers handy to make use of it when the desire to gamble springs up.

Be truthful to yourself, seek help and support from family and friends, and think of the undesirable consequences you will have to face every time you want to give in to the urge to gamble.

#13.Professional help for people with gambling addiction

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