How to Get Rid of Geographic tongue Permanently using proven Natural Ways

Get Rid of Geographic Tongue

Can I Cure Geographic Tongue Naturally & Permanently?

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The appearance of your tongue has suddenly changed from a smooth surface to a pitted one, with red patches on the surface, surrounded by grayish boundaries.

You are worried about a cure for this condition, which goes by the name of Geographic tongue since your tongue’s surface appears almost like a map.

Are you aware that this can be cured using natural substances at home?   It is quite possible to do so with a little careful what you put into your mouth and how.


You have a Geographic tongue when your tongue’s upper surface resembles a geographical map – i.e., there are distinct red patches with a grayish-white outline.

You will find that the red surface has become smooth on closer examination, unlike a normal tongue with tiny protrusions called papillae.

In a Geographic tongue, the papillae are not seen on the red patches, but rather, they are bunched together in the grayish region surrounding the red patches.

The patches themselves seem to move around the tongue rather than remain in one place. Sometimes, cracks can appear in the tongue’s surface, and there is a burning sensation whenever you eat acidic or pungent foods such as tomatoes, strawberries, walnuts, citrus fruits, etc.

At other times, the tongue becomes numb and swollen, and chewing and swallowing get affected.  The condition is basically harmless and will readily respond to natural remedies.


Though it has not been possible to pinpoint the cause of Geographic tongue, it is generally believed that those who suffer from allergies, eczema, or asthma,  i.e., those affected by the environment, are more prone to this condition.

Sugars, spicy, and processed foods appear to be another cause for Geographic tongue.    The deficiency of Vitamin B  and zinc is also linked to this condition.

Another line of thought suggests that it is an outward manifestation of yeast infection in the gut.

how to cure geographic tongue naturally

Given below are the most popular ways to treat geographic tongue at home:

#1. Avoid the following foods

Since spicy, processed foods and sugars, tea and coffee,  tend to exacerbate the condition, it is worth your while to stay away from such foods and beverages.

Instead, drink plenty of water, which will help to relieve the condition.   Fruits and salads which are rich in fiber will also help.

You will also find that the condition gets aggravated when you use mouthwashes available in the market, and hence, it is best to avoid these.

In fact, some mouthwashes and tooth-whiteners are the cause of GT in some people.

#2.Vitamin B Supplements

If the condition has occurred on account of yeast’s excess growth (fungus) in the gut, Vitamin B supplementation will help.

Excess yeast disrupts the normal metabolic process in respect of Vitamin B.  (When this vitamin is not absorbed on account of the yeast present,  Vitamin B deficiency results.)

#3. supplements of zinc  to soothe the geographic tongue

It has also been found that supplements of zinc will relieve this condition to a great extent.

#4.grapefruit seed extract to heal a geographic tongue

The grapefruit seed extract is known to work very effectively against the occurrence of Geographic Tongue.

You can use it as a mouthwash after brushing the teeth twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. leaves  to fix a geographic tongue

Chewing mint leaves can give temporary relief from the pain and burning sensation which comes from Geographic Tongue.

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