How to Get Rid of Hand/Wrist Pain at Home Naturally

You are a bit worried that the pain in your wrist and hand which you thought was on account of strain, is not subsiding easily.

You have been doing a lot of typing recently, and of course, carrying your monthly quota of groceries and other heavy objects, and you did feel that the pain would subside on its own with a little rest.

However, that has not happened; the pain continues.  What is more, whenever you try to flex your wrist, there is numbness in the hand and you find it difficult to carry weights.

Did you know that you can heal your hand and wrist by simple natural methods?  You do not need to go to a doctor, who will only prescribe costly painkillers, leaving the underlying cause perhaps unattended.


Since there is no deformation or  redness or tenderness at the joints, nor does the pain start at the elbow, you can safely rule out fractures, tendonitis, tennis elbow,cyst or infection which are the other causes of hand or wrist pain.

Your symptoms include numbness in the fingers, wrist and arm, especially when you try to flex your wrist, and also, you feel your thumb and index finger has lost its strength – you are unable to  get a proper grip on objects with that hand, in all probability you are suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. (CTS).

The pain begins generally at night,and  sometimes extends from the wrist upwards into the arm and the wrist appears slightly swollen.


Carpal tunnel syndrome is generally caused by pressure on the median nerve, which passes through the carpal tunnel at the base of the wrist.

Other reasons which can make one susceptible to it are obesity, hypothyroidism, diabetes, or any trauma.


There are several natural methods by which you can relieve the pain and discomfort due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Increasing your intake of B6/B12 Vitamins will make you less prone to CTS and relieve the pain if you are already suffering from it.

Foods rich in this vitamin are bokchoy, avocados, chickpeas, potatoes, bananas, liver, kidney, fish and oysters.  About 200 mg per day from all sources, taken over 4-6 weeks, should suffice.

Another slow but sure remedy is pineapple, because of its bromine content in the form of bromelain.

One simple natural remedy is acupressure, which, by exerting pressure with your fingers on certain points on your wrist and arms, increases blood flow to the wrist and other affected blood, thung the pain and swelling.   LI 11 and LI4 are two of the effective points for CTS relief.

Yoga is another way in which you can get relief from CTS. However, you would need to be fairly regular at this treatment to get results.

Apart from the above, you would need to check the ergonomics at your workplace.    Having your keyboard at a convenient height is of great importance in ensuring freedom from CTS.

If your job involves typing or other manual work involving your hand and wrist regularly, it would be wise to take regular breaks to rest your hands and wrist.

CTS, if left untreated, can aggravate and render your hand and wrist unusable.

Hence it is best to give it prompt attention at the first signs of the symptoms and what better treatment can you give it than Natural Therapy?  Do you get into you? If you can, you can get a Naal Therapist by profession to better guide the subject.