How to Get Rid of Head Lice at Home Naturally

Your daughter returned from school the other day, scratching her head vigorously.    You applied some oil, presuming that perhaps the hair was dry, and she was feeling itchy.

But the vigorous scratching continued over the next few days until you observed some whitish dots on the hair.

And you realized that she has managed to contract head lice – perhaps from an affected child in the school.

Now you wonder how to treat it – the doctor might prescribe some harsh treatment that will interfere with her hair’s growth.

But you really need not go to a doctor – you can get rid of head lice using natural remedies at home.


Head lice generally affect children of school-going age.  The child indulges in vigorous scratching of the scalp all the time and feels very uncomfortable.

It is also very embarrassing to be found scratching your scalp – you are immediately taken for someone who does not follow proper hygiene because lice are known to thrive in unclean conditions.

In a few days, the hair is covered with tiny whitish dots – nits – which are actually lice eggs: these will incubate into tiny nymphs in some time, so the infestation is complete.

The lice themselves are tiny whitish-grey dots, very much resembling a sesame seed, and these can also be sometimes seen on the hair.


Head lice are normally passed on from child to child in school;  children are normally seen moving around in groups with their heads in close contact with each other, and this provides the opportunity for the lice to spread.

Using infested combs, clothing, or headgear can also bring about the infestation.

how to get rid of head lice by yourself

Since lice feed on the blood in the scalp and view the fact that it gives the hair a very unsightly appearance apart from the itching,  it is of utmost importance that the head is cleared of this infestation at the very earliest.

If this is not done, the child will be unable to concentrate on anything either at school or in the home;   further, the child becomes a carrier of lice and increases the chances of spreading to more children.

Apply a lot of vinegar to the hair and keep it for half an hour.  Shampoo off thereafter.  This will kill the lice.

When applied well through the hair and left for some time, Mayonnaise will also kill the lice.  It can then be washed off with shampoo.

A combination of mayonnaise and vinegar with a few drops of tea tree oil is an even more potent recipe for killing headlice.

It, of course, would have to be rinsed off thoroughly after half an hour of application.

Listerine, similarly applied over the infested hair, is also known to kill head lice.

Once the hair is washed, get a new nit comb and comb out the nits and remaining lice, if any.  Nit combs are metal combs which will remove all the tiny nits very effectively.

When you are sure that all the lice have gone along with all the nits and the hair is absolutely clean, ensure that all surroundings are cleaned thoroughly.

Machine-wash all clothes, bed-sheets, pillow covers, and whatever else the child has come in contact with during the days she was affected with lice.

Maintaining good hygiene thereafter will ensure that the headlice are got rid of permanently.  Of course, care must be taken to instruct the child not to mingle too closely with infected children at school.

There are several other natural remedies available for getting rid of head lice.  To find out about these, please get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.