Get Rid of Heart Disease: How to Reverse Heart Disease Naturally

Get Rid of Heart Disease

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You have of late been experiencing extreme tiredness and fatigue, even while doing normal tasks like walking, carrying your groceries up the stairs, etc.

You had ignored these signs presuming that it was just one of the days you are not fully yourself, and it would pass. 

But the other day, you suddenly felt a tightening of the chest and a lot of pressure in that area, radiating into the left arm, shoulder, and jaw, combined with profuse sweating. 

You were rushed to the hospital, and after several investigations, sent back home with the information that you have just survived what could have been a heart attack. 

This is indeed worrying, but take heart,  it is possible to get rid of heart disease by natural methods, with a little attention to your diet and lifestyle.


Heart disease is a common name used to describe a large number of conditions involving the heart.

The most common among these are Coronary Artery Disease, Ischaemic Heart Disease, Cardiovascular disease, and congestive heart failure. 

A common symptom for recognizing heart disease is chest discomfort or pain along with sweating. 

The pain starts in the chest and radiates to the left arm, shoulder, and jaw, and sometimes there is numbness in these areas.  

There may or may not be a feeling of nausea. Extreme tiredness, giddiness, racing heartbeat, and shortness of breath are other common features.

On further investigations, it would be found that the persons may be suffering from high BP, or diabetes, or high cholesterol levels in the blood, and the ECG readings will reflect the situation.


The commonest form of heart disease is Coronary Artery Disease.  Our arteries are constantly at work, dilating, and contracting to allow the blood containing oxygen and other nutrients to flow to the heart. 

Apart from oxygen and nutrients, it also carries along with it some substances such as cholesterol, fats, calcium, etc. which over time, deposit on the inner walls of the arteries, which then harden and become narrower and narrower, thus severely limiting the flow of blood to the heart and in time, stopping it altogether.

The process by which this happens is known as atherosclerosis.  When the blood supply to the heart is completely stopped, the person suffers a heart attack, which can be fatal.  

In other forms of heart disease; also, the common cause is that blood supply to the heart is restricted, ultimately causing heart failure.

how to reduce heart disease naturally

In most cases, the disease would have progressed to a great extent before any symptoms manifest.    

Hence, it is better to take great care of one’s lifestyle and diet once you are diagnosed with high BP or diabetes, or high cholesterol because it does not take much time for the disease to progress from these starting points.

#1.Manage Stress

Stress is one of the main factors responsible for high cholesterol levels today.  Type  A personalities are greatly at risk in this area. 

It is sometimes wiser not to aim at perfectionism or take on too many tasks at a time if you wish to preserve your health.   

You must keep some time aside for yoga and meditation each day to keep your stress at optimum levels.


Exercise also plays a great role in maintaining heart health in peak condition.  Moderate exercise, including brisk walking, is very much recommended to keep your triglycerides and cholesterol levels under check.

#3. Diet to prevent heart disease naturally

You must also watch carefully what you eat.  All refined foods, sugars, starches, and fats should be kept at a minimum since these are the substances that line the arteries’ inner walls, causing them to narrow.   

High fiber diets are highly recommended for good heart health.  Smoking, alcoholism, and obesity are other enemies of the heart.    

#4.Clean up arteries with Olive oil

Olive oil is known to keep your arteries clean.  Hence ensure that you add some of the extra virgin variety to your salads etc.  

#5.Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Have lots of walnuts, blackberries, citrus fruits, pomegranate, coriander, fenugreek, tuna, salmon, etc. to keep your cholesterol levels within limits. 

Monitor these often so that you know exactly where you stand w.r.t.heart health.

#6. For a Guaranteed Heart Disease Cure, follow a proven system of natural treatment

One tends to get alarmed and give up all hope as soon as one is diagnosed with heart disease.  But it is very well manageable even before it manifests itself. 

However, it is a very vast subject, and for more information on your particular type of problem, you should get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.

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