How to Get Rid of Herpes Naturally

Those itchy sores around your mouth, lips, and eyes have been diagnosed as due to Herpes, and your doctor has advised you that the condition is very contagious.

You are not keen on taking the drugs prescribed by the doctor to get rid of these sores – and rightly so – the drugs can bring on other unwanted side effects.

Especially when there are scores of natural remedies available for clearing these sores very effectively, where is the need for going for drugs?  It is very much possible to get relief from them, using natural substances available in your home.


Herpes is a viral infection caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus.  The condition initially presents with a tingling numbing sensation on the skin, generally as cold sores over the face and sometimes in the genital areas,  but can also affect the hands (herpes whitlow) or even the central nervous system when it manifests as herpes encephalitis damaging the brain.

Once it occurs, the virus moves into the sensory nerve cell bodies and remains latent there permanently.

The condition can recur in the face of various triggers, such as fever, trauma, sunburn, or stress, and the recurrence can occur in other parts of the body.

ON the face, the blisters give the face a very unpleasant appearance, apart from being itchy.  The condition is very contagious and can spread with skin contact, or even contact with the skin on the sores is shed.   The sores generally last from 2 to 20 days if left untreated.


Herpes is a sexually transmitted viral disease, and a person who is in contact with one who is already affected is very likely to have it transmitted.

Oral herpes is contracted by direct contact with the saliva of an affected person.  An affected mother can pass it on to her child through vaginal delivery.

A person with a weak immune system is more likely to be affected.

Get Rid Of Herpes Naturally

Since the herpes virus lodges itself permanently in the nerve cells, it is difficult to bring about a total cure even with conventional drugs.

On the other hand, natural remedies can prevent and control the ailment largely and give considerable relief to a sufferer.

L-Lysine, present in chicken, beef, eggs, beans, and cheese, can diminish oral herpes symptoms to a great degree.

A side-effect of this substance is that it increases serum cholesterol levels, and hence, supplementation should be done carefully.

Lemon balm has antiviral properties and works effectively on herpes sores. It needs to be applied several times a day topically for quick results.

Licorice root has also been found to be a good remedy for herpes.  However, those who have high blood pressure need to use this herb with care since it tends to retain sodium in the body while depleting potassium.

Echinacea and aloe vera and olive leaf extract are other herbal remedies used for relief from herpes.

On the whole, if you are affected by the herpes virus, it is recommended that you reduce your consumption of fish, nuts, and chocolates, all of which contain arginine, which aggravates the sores.

Since it results from a weak immune system, and your diet has a lot to do with your immune system, you would do well to stay away completely from sugars and artificial sweeteners, tobacco, and alcohol to help prevent this affliction.

For more details on ways to get rid of herpes, you should contact a Professional Natural Therapist.