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Get Rid Of High Blood Pressure

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Have you been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure?    When you first learned of it, your blood pressure would have indeed gone up a notch or two just hearing about it. And it sure is a condition you need to take care of and bring back to normal at the earliest.

Dangers of leaving bp untreated

Leaving it untreated can lead to many other dangerous conditions involving several different organs of your body.

Your doctor must have written out the usual long prescription of drugs you need to take to restore normalcy.

However, did you know that you can avoid taking these harmful medicines if you take it on yourself to follow a proper exercise regimen daily?   It is very much possible to lower your BP with exercise, combined with a few modifications in your diet.

High blood pressure or hypertension is also known as the ‘silent killer’; the reason being that it rarely exhibits any symptoms at all.  Very often, it is only a routine check which brings to light the condition which you suffer.

At best, you may have a headache, and sometimes dizziness, both of which can occur for reasons other than BP as well.

The muscles of the heart are responsible for pumping the blood out from itself with force enough for it to reach the furthest extremities in the body.

Thus, the pressure is highest when it is being pumped out of the heart into the aorta and lowest when it is waiting for the blood to return to the heart via the veins after circulation.

The higher reading, which is usually given first, is the systolic pressure, the lower one, which follows, is the diastolic pressure.

120/80 is the regular reading of systolic /diastolic BP.  Any reading above 140/90 is considered high.  Various factors such as diet, temperament, age, etc. are responsible for high blood pressure, and one among these is a sedentary lifestyle.

how to get rid of high blood pressure at home

The following are the simple methods to control high bp without medications.


In treating high blood pressure, you must get a moderate amount of exercise daily.

#2. Get Rid of Obesity

Not only does it work towards keeping your heart muscles healthy, it tones up the circulation, enabling better utilization of the oxygen you breathe, and it also helps you to maintain your weight at normal levels.

Obesity is another predisposing factor for high BP.   Stress levels, which contribute enormously to high BP, are also brought down with exercise.

#3. Get Rid of a sedentary lifestyle

If you are leading a very sedentary lifestyle currently, you can begin with some household chores which require a small amount of exertion, such as gardening, sweeping or scrubbing the floor, mowing the lawn, etc.

Gradually move on to taking two 15 minute walks a day, and when your stamina is built up, walk for more extended periods at a time.

It is preferable to walk on level ground rather than up a steep slope to start with.  Walking, on the whole, is an excellent aerobic exercise for bringing down your BP.

You can slowly start jogging once you are in the flow. Cycling and swimming are other activities that you can undertake with a positive effect on your BP.

#4. Start deep breathing

Another form of exercise for lowering BP is deep breathing. While engaging in this exercise, it is important to be seated comfortably, with loose clothing, breathe in profoundly till your chest is filled with air, hold the breath for a few seconds and breathe out twice as slowly.

It needs to be done 3-4 times a day for 5-6 minutes at a time.

#5.Practice Yoga

Specific yoga postures such as Uttanasana or even Savasana can be very useful in lowering high BP.

It may not be out of place to mention here that while moderate exercise is essential to bring down your BP,  continuing this activity to maintain it at acceptable levels is equally important.   BP can again rise once you return to a sedentary lifestyle. modification and exercise

You can use a combination of diet modification and exercise to bring down your BP to normal levels – there is no need at all to load your system with harmful drugs.

Just remember that the situation can reverse itself the moment you take a pause – so keep up the schedule of exercise, and go on to lead the happy, energetic life you would like to lead.

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