How to Get rid of Hives Quickly and Naturally

Get Rid of  Hives

Can I Cure Hives Naturally & Permanently?

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Those itchy red bumps on your skin are becoming troublesome.  You presume they are the result of some skin allergy – they seem to appear and disappear at will,, which has been happening for over a day.

The condition, known as hives or urticaria, seems too trivial to have it treated by a doctor. Moreover, you feel the drugs that the doctor may prescribe, apart from being expensive, may also trigger more heat and rash.

You are thinking on the right lines – you do not need a doctor’s services for this condition.

You can quickly cure Hives at home, quite effectively;  for one thing, it is a reasonably harmless condition. Secondly, natural substances will do a better job of healing it without any side effects.

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to Get rid of Hives at Home Naturally


Hives generally appear on the skin’s surface as reddish bumpy patches known as weals anywhere on the body.

They can be the size of a pinhead, or even several inches wide.  They tend to change their size and location from time to time, so it is quite possible that by the time you reach the doctor, the hives would have disappeared from where you noticed them – yet they may reappear elsewhere or even in the same place, after a while.

Apart from the itch they cause, in some cases, there can be a  burning sensation as well.  In extreme cases, one can also experience difficulty in swallowing and breathing.


While the exact cause of hives remains unknown, it is clear that the chemical histamine, when released by the mast cells, is involved in their formation.

Generally, histamines are released when there is an allergic reaction. When they are released, they tend to cause the capillaries to leak fluid into the surrounding tissues, thus forming swollen bumps, which we know as hives.

Apart from allergic reactions, which can happen towards foodstuffs or medicines, hives can also form a result of a viral infection or excessive exposure to sunlight or other high temperature sources, emotional stress, etc.

how to get rid of hives without medicine

Following home remedies will help you to get rid of hives easily at home:

#1.Beware of Allergies

Ordinary hives will clear on their own within a few days.  Since packs present as a result of allergic reactions, it is useful to study the substances you are allergic to.

Avoiding such substances, whether foods or medicines, is the first step in getting rid of hives.

#2.oatmeal & Cornstarch

Make a paste of 3 cups of oatmeal and 3 tbsp of cornstarch and apply it over the affected area.  The hives will disappear very soon.

#3.Ice Pack

Apply ice in a plastic bag over the hives on the skin.  The sores will subside in no time.

#4.Oregano oil & Coconut Oil

Take two tablespoons of coconut oil and add to it ten drops of Oregano oil.

Apply the mixture over the hives for quick relief.

#5.nettle leaves and dandelion

A brew of nettle leaves and dandelion, taken 2-3 times daily, causes hives to subside.

#6.Milk of magnesia

Milk of magnesia, when applied over the hives, will bring about relief quickly.

#7.Vitamin Suppliments

Cayenne pepper capsules,  Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Zinc supplements help get relief from hives.

Almost everyone has suffered from hives in at least a mild form, at one time or another and most people manage to treat Hives Disease naturally for quick relief.

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