How to Get rid of Hyperpigmentation Naturally: Lighten your Skin Pigmentations

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Can I Get Rid of  Hyper Pigmentation Naturally & Permanently?

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Has the skin on your face developed dark uneven patches?  You must certainly be concerned about this because of the disfigurement it brings about.

You have always been conscious of your looks, and are very particular about using the best brands for make-up and are now wondering how to set this situation right – should you see a dermatologist?  Or better still, a cosmetologist?

It is really unnecessary, considering that there are better ways, most of the natural ways, in which you can get rid of these dark patches, or hyperpigmentation as they are called, and you can do this in your own home.

Hyperpigmentation Pics



With hyperpigmentation, you find certain parts of your skin appear darker than the background.    Though it is prevalent among all races and ages, persons with dark skin are more prone to this condition.

Freckles and age spots are also considered as hyperpigmentation. From the hyperpigmentation color, it is possible to know in which layer of the skin the pigmentation has increased and, accordingly, how long it will take to restore normalcy.

Dark spots from acne are deeper down and thus may take more time to heal. Apart from the face, the knuckles, elbows, and knees can also get affected.  Sometimes, a bronze color appears even on the palm.

An affected person can become depressed on account of this condition.


The excess production of melanin causes hyperpigmentation by the melanocytes in the skin’s epidermal layer and can occur for several reasons.

Skin disorders such as acne, freckles, etc. all tend to leave marks on the skin.  Apart from this, certain medications such as antibiotics can cause discoloration of the skin.

Skin lightening creams and lotions containing mercury or steroids are particularly harmful in the long run; contact with mercury and its compounds can even be toxic.

This increase in pigmentation over certain skin areas can also occur due to hypothyroidism, certain kinds of cancer, and renal failure.

Hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy or menopause can also cause discoloration of the skin.

Above all, exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause a lot of damage to the skin if not properly protected.

How to Lighten Skin Pigmentation & Remove Hyper Pigmentation Naturally

In the case of hyperpigmentation, it is always best to go for natural treatment only, since drugs and other lotions are generally the cause of this condition, and may only aggravate it if taken as medication.

Some forms of hyperpigmentation may, in fact,  disappear on their own, though this may take several months.

When applied over the skin’s skin’s discolored areas, the avocado fruit pulp can restore the normal color and texture in the area quite rapidly.

Prick open a capsule of Vitamin E and mix the contents with some olive or castor oil.  Apply the mixture over the affected area for a few days.

Vitamin E is a natural skin tonic and antioxidant, and so is the oil, which will moisturize the skin to bring back the original color and sheen naturally.

Extract the juice of a raw potato and apply it over the hyperpigmented skin for a few days.  You will find the skin lighten by the mild bleaching action of the juice.

Aloe vera gel, commercially prepared or extracted from the plant directly, when applied over the dark skin, will help moisturize and lighten it soon.

By way of diet,  increase your intake of foods containing Vitamin E.  It is a wonder vitamin for the skin and works in tandem with Vitamin A to revitalize it.

Also, increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, wheat germ, and nuts.  Drink lots of water so that the body’s toxins are automatically flushed out from time to time.

Protect your skin with a sunscreen lotion whenever you need to be out in the sun for long periods of time.

Your skin should regain its normal color if you apply any of the above methods diligently.  If you still need assistance in bringing back your skin’s original color, do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.

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