kidney disease natural treatment: how to heal kidney disease naturally

Reverse Kidney Disease

how to help kidney disease naturally & Cure CKD at Home

Using natural treatment methods, you can improve kidney function. You can reduce your creatinine levels & improve GFR.

Can I Reverse Kidney Disease Naturally & Permanently?

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The kidneys control several functions all over the body, and any malfunctioning of this organ can affect many systems in the body – hence your varied symptoms. 

But did you know that you can get rid of this disease naturally, using natural substances available in your own home?  

All you need to do is have a positive frame of mind, and with a few changes in your diet and lifestyle, you can avoid taking drugs or undergoing surgery, and treat Kidney Disease naturally at home.


The initial symptoms of kidney disease are mild and can even go unnoticed.

The main task of the kidneys is to clear out the waste matter, including excess water, from the blood, in the form of urine.

A discerning person will notice changes in the urinating pattern – the volume of urine, color, foam or bubbles in the urine, and frequency of passing urine, all of which indicate kidney disease. 

Also, there may be slight swelling of the ankles, legs, face, or hands, on account of the malfunctioning kidneys’ inability to remove excess liquid from the blood. 

Other symptoms are anemia, fatigue, excessive skin rash and itchiness, shortness of breath, nausea, and vomiting, or smell of ammonia in the breath.


High blood pressure and diabetes are two of the most important causes of kidney failure.   Certain analgesics, if taken over some time, can cause damage to the kidneys. 

In some cases, elevated BP could damage the filtration system connected to the kidneys, and in other cases, it could be the presence of cysts on the kidneys.

Hardening of arteries,  kidney stones, and kidney infections are all probable causes of kidney disease.

how to treat stage 1 to 3 kidney disease naturally

It is first necessary to have a proper diagnosis to confirm that the condition you are suffering from is indeed kidney disease. 

Also, it may help to know the cause of kidney disease in your particular case.  Natural remedies are available, through which you can get rid of kidney disease occurring on account of most reasons.

#1.Mind Set

Having a positive attitude can help the healing process to a great extent.

One who believes in natural remedies’ efficacy will undoubtedly heal faster than a person who carries doubts in their minds. 

#2.Active LifeStyle

Apart from this, a healthy lifestyle, including moderate exercise such as walking, hiking, fishing, etc. will do you a lot of good.  

#3.Kidney-Friendly Diet

Diet-wise, it is necessary to have a healthy diet, abstain from alcohol, red meats, sugars, and sodas. Natural Items included in the diet of a person suffering from kidney disease are gourd, pumpkin, radish, banana, rice and rice water, and green gram water. 

These items are light and free from substances, causing extra load on the kidneys through filtration.  As far as possible, foodstuffs should have been grown organically.

#4.Drink the Right Amount of water

Drinking sufficient water will keep the kidneys flushed clean of toxins.

#5.Herbs that could improve kidney function

Useful herbal remedies are 2 cups of Dandelion tea per day,  Cleavers tea – 2 cups a day, and four capsules of Evening Primrose oil.  These would take care of flushing the kidneys and reversing any damage as well.

#6.Healing Kidney Disease with Fruits

Oranges, apples, and grapes can have a healing effect on the kidneys if taken on an empty stomach in the morning before breakfast. 

Fruit juices also, similarly consumed before breakfast, are a good remedy for kidney disease. Some honey added to the fruit juices will make it more beneficial.

#7.Natural Remedies that Could Cure Kidney Disease

Other useful natural remedies are potato, cucumber, carrot seeds, and watermelon.  Onions, spring onions, celery parsley, ginger and garlic, salmon, and trout are excellent foods for kidney disease sufferers. 

All the above home remedies work towards strengthening the kidneys and keep them free of toxins.

#8.The best Method to Reverse CKD is to follow a Proven Natural Treatment System.

You can avoid costly conventional processes like dialysis or surgery by adhering to natural remedies.  For more information regarding your case, you should consult a Professional Natural Therapist.

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