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how to heal leaky gut quickly and permanently – reverse leaky gut effectively Using Quick Remedies

Something weird seems to have happened to you.  You are just not yourself at all.   After a series of investigations, your doctor has concluded that you are suffering from Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Can I Cure Leaky Gut Naturally & Permanently?

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It is a problem with the immune system and the lining of the gastrointestinal tract.   In this condition, drugs and other conventional methods are of little assistance and may only aggravate the problem.

It is only through natural methods that you will bring about normalcy in the gut’s lining.


A Leaky gut can give rise to varied symptoms, such as abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, muscle cramps, migraine, bladder infections, constipation or diarrhea, brittle nails, hair loss, skin rash, etc.

It is also associated with several medical conditions, such as fibromyalgia, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, acne, MS, Candida, etc.:

Several types of investigations have to be carried out to rule out other conditions with similar symptoms before concluding the Leaky Gut.


Leaky gut is intestinal permeability. Once the food we eat is digested in the small intestine, only the nutrients consisting of digested fats, proteins, and starches are allowed into the bloodstream.  i.e., the intestine serves as a filter, keeping out toxic substances from entering the bloodstream.

Several projections are called villi with a hairlike membrane that absorbs the nutrients and carries them across the membrane into the villi in the gut.

When there is a breakdown of the intestinal lining, the hairlike membrane gets damaged and cannot perform its normal function of absorbing nutrients.

Further, when the lining becomes weak, the larger molecules and toxins also escape or leak along with the absorption nutrients.

If these enter the liver, which has already sufficient functions to perform, it gets overburdened and unable to filter out the toxins, sending them out into the bloodstream.

These then cause havoc throughout the body, resulting in various symptoms and allergies.  Candida Yeast Infection is one way the openings are created in the intestine walls, resulting in Leaky gut.

The candida infection results from the overuse of antibiotics that kill the helpful bacteria in the gut.

how to fix a leaky gut naturally

If you want to cure leaky gut naturally,following are the best practices and home remedies.

#1.Diet for Curing Leaky Gut

In the treatment of Leaky Gut, the diet needs to be modified or even specially planned to avoid all possible sources of aggravation of the villi which need to heal.

A lot of emphasis needs to be given to organic foods that are less toxic, free from fertilizers, and pesticides.

Eat as many organic vegetables as possible while cutting down on the fruit to an extent.

#2.Fibre Rich Food  to eliminate leaky gut

Also, see that you get enough fiber in your diet.

While helping the colon’s cells heal, it also helps in absorbing waste products from the bloodstream. Thus, nuts, oats, flaxseed, and psyllium husk are highly recommended in the leaky gut diet.

#3.Omega 3 Fatty Acids to clean up leaky gut

Keep your system replenished with sufficient essential fatty acids (i.e., omega three and omega 6.  Flaxseed is an excellent source, as are mustard seeds, walnuts, and fish.

#4. Avoid foods that promote yeast growth

There are some food items from which it is good to remain away for some time till the gut lining heals:

These are dairy products, sugar, fermented items, alcohol, vinegar and caffeine, and other substances that promote yeast growth.

#5.Best Natural Way to Stop Leaky Gut at Home

The important steps you need to take to manage leaky gut & heal the syndrome quickly are given above, if you are looking for a quick & guaranteed cure, it is best in such cases to consult a qualified Natural Therapist (ask   Karen Brimeyer ) who will be able to give you a complete diet plan and details of supplementation required from time to time, till the condition returns to normal.

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