How to Reverse Liver Cirrhosis in Humans Naturally

Heal Liver Cirrhosis at Home

how to heal liver cirrhosis at home using fast-acting home remedies that give permanent cure

You visited the doctor since you felt exhausted, and your eyes appeared very dull, almost yellowish.

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Your doctor ordered a series of investigations consisting of blood tests, liver biopsy, and imaging, after which he concluded that the liver is showing signs of scarring and, after checking your medical history, inferred that the cause in your case could be on account of alcoholism.

Do not worry; do not opt for drug treatment, which may further your problems.  Instead, natural medicine uses natural substances that have proven effective in repairing damaged liver cells.

liver cirrhosis natural treatment


Cirrhosis in the initial stages may not show any symptoms at all.  It is a condition wherein the healthy liver cells have been substituted with scarred tissue due to prolonged damage throughout many years.

Since the liver is responsible for myriad functions within the body, any damage to the liver results in several symptoms, the most frequent: fatigue, yellowish tinge in the eyes and urine, severe itching, loss of appetite, swollen feet, and anemia.

In advanced stages, nausea and vomiting of blood may also occur.


One of the chief causes of cirrhosis of the liver is alcoholism.  Those who consume alcohol daily over 10-15 years are most susceptible to liver disease.

Other causes are Viral infection (Hepatitis B or C) and prolonged use of sedatives.  At times, there may be excess toxins in the liver, such as copper and iron, which also cause scarring of this organ.

Inflammation of the bile duct, obstructing the bile flow is another cause of cirrhosis of the liver.

how to treat cirrhosis liver naturally

Given below are the most popular & result in in in giving home remedies :

#1. Avoid Alcohol to cure cirrhosis of the liver

If the liver’s cirrhosis has been put down due to alcoholism,  complete abstinence from the liquor of any kind is an absolute must if the liver cells are to repair themselves.

Since a cirrhotic liver will send signals to the kidneys to retain salt and water, the restricted salt use is also recommended.

#2.Regulate Spicy Food  to deal with liver cirrhosis

Also to be avoided are fatty, spicy, and junk foods, which will overburden the liver.     Where the cirrhosis has occurred on account of prolonged use of drugs, a high-protein diet must maintain adequate nutrition levels.

#3.Active Life to Speed Up liver cirrhosis Cure

The mobility and activity levels should be maintained at moderate levels to avoid fatigue.

#4.eclipta alba Herb to manage   liver cirrhosis

The leaves of the herb eclipta alba, commonly known as Bhringraj, are particularly useful in treating the liver’s cirrhosis.

Taking one tsp. of the extract of this herb twice a day with honey, for approx. A month will bring about the healing of the scarred tissue.

#5.Papaya seeds to recover from liver cirrhosis

Papaya seeds, ground into a paste and taken with lime juice daily, are useful natural remedies.

#6.Flaxseed to treat cirrhosis of the liver

Flaxseed, in any form, taken daily, is an excellent natural cure for liver disease.

#7. vitamins C and E

The vitamins C and E, which are always helpful in the healing process, are also recommended for liver cirrhosis.

#8.Picrorhiza Herb

The root of the herb Picrorhiza, taken in powder form, is invaluable in treating the cirrhotic liver.

#9.Spinach and carrot juice

Spinach and carrot juice in equal portions, taken daily, will help restore damaged liver cells.  Cucumber and spinach juice combination works equally well.

One need not be alarmed at the thought of suffering from liver cirrhosis.  It is possible to bring back normalcy with some modifications to the diet and lifestyle.

Additionally, supplementation with natural remedies will ensure that your liver gets back to normal in the quickest possible time.

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