How to Get Rid of Low Platelet Count or ITP at Home Naturally

In the course of a routine investigation, your blood report indicated that your platelet count was hovering around 50000/ml.

The report’s acceptable range indicates this as below average, and your physician to whom you showed the report also confirms that this reading should be much higher, i.e., at least 200000/ml or higher.

Blood platelets are transparent blood cells, which have a role to play in the clotting of your blood.  While in normal circumstances, you need the blood to be circulating freely in the body, under certain conditions such as when there is a cut, you need the blood to clot in a good time.

This is where the platelets come into play by clumping together and forming a barrier to prevent blood loss from the cut.

Low Platelet count goes by the name of Thrombocytopenia in medical parlance. It is nothing to be alarmed about;  your doctor may recommend steroids or, finally, surgery to remove your spleen,  but it can be rectified naturally at home, using natural methods and substances to increase the count.


When the blood platelet count falls below the required minimum, the blood’s clotting mechanism gets disrupted.   Thus, the sufferer can bruise the skin at the slightest graze,  with profuse and prolonged bleeding;  at times, there are several dark red spots in the lower legs,  bleeding from the nose or gums, etc.    All first-aid attempts to curb the bleeding will generally not be successful.


Blood platelets are formed in the bone marrow – thus, any infection to the bone marrow, such as in leukemia, HIV, etc.  can impair the marrow’s capacity to produce platelets.

Persons taking several drugs which are harmful to the cells, over a prolonged period, are also prone to Low Platelet count as a side-effect of the drug.

Those suffering from peptic ulcers or those who lead a very vigorous lifestyle are susceptible to this disorder.

Natural Treatment:

If the condition has arisen on account of toxic drugs, it may be possible to give alternative drugs to reduce blood platelets’ damage.

The person who has a low platelet count should avoid alcohol at all costs. Also, any other type of food such as sugars, sodas, etc. can aggravate the condition that should be scrupulously avoided.

As far as possible, vegetables and fruits which are organically grown should be preferred to conventional items.

Wheat Grass juice, taken on an empty stomach in the morning, helps increase platelet count.  About 30 ml per day would suffice.

A quick remedy for increasing the blood platelet count is to have papaya leaf juice.   About 10-20 ml taken throughout the day at regular intervals of 2 hours, will give dramatic improvement.

Taking supplements of Vitamin C,  B-complex and Chlorophyll will also help to increase the platelet count.

All food items containing Omega 3 fatty acids are considered very beneficial for increasing low platelet count.

They work by giving the immune system a boost,  increasing circulation, and reducing inflammation.   Examples are flaxseed, small fish, walnuts, etc.:

Tomatoes, which are good sources of lycopene, if organically grown, would also boost the platelet count.

The vitamin content of tomatoes and berries of any type is extremely beneficial for increasing this count.

There is cause for worry if your Platelet count is meager when you will directly put on transfusions.

But as long as it is slightly below average, the situation can be salvaged with natural methods which should be diligently followed, for good results.

For more details on increasing platelet count, you can get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.