How to Get Rid of Lung Toxins or tar at Home Naturally

You are a resident of a large urban city and need to travel long distances through a dusty environment to and from work.

Also, yours is an industrial city; pollution levels are known to be high.  What is more, you are addicted to smoking.

The cumulative effect of the pollution over the years is now beginning to show in the form of a constantly runny nose, cough,  breathlessness, and general ill-health.

You feel miserable – but there is nothing you can do about it – or so you think – In fact, it is quite possible to reverse the condition, provided you have the will to improve.

And we are not suggesting that you even see a doctor;  you can naturally get rid of this condition using natural methods to bring about a cure.


The lungs, which form the respiratory system’s chief component, are so structured as to catch and hold back a good number of toxic particles that we are forced to breathe in every day.

However, tiny particles, such as mold, pollen, bacteria, tobacco smoke, hydrocarbons from burning wood, paper, asbestos fibers can enter the lungs and deposit themselves there.

Inflaming and scarring the lung tissues,  and in the process, causing shortness of breath, wheezing, stuffy nose, sneezing, tiredness, tightness in the chest on account of thickening of the walls, loss of appetite, and coarseness in the voice, depending on what hs been inhaled, and the size of the particles inhaled, and also the length of exposure to such an environment.


We are day in and day out exposed to scores of pollutants in the atmosphere. The more industrialized the town, the more toxic particles are found floating about in the air.

Some of these are invisible to the eye but go to form the familiar smog, which we see hanging in the air on most mornings on the way to work.

Some individuals’ work environment involves exposure to asbestos, or CTC vapors, or other industrial gases.

As if this is not enough, a huge majority of the working class indulge in smoking cigarettes or even beedies, damaging not only their own lungs but also the lungs of those who are forced to be around them.

Tar, the brown substance remaining at the end of a cigarette, settles on the cilia or hairlike structures in the lungs and severely impairs their capacity to function,  resulting in serious problems such as lung cancer and bronchitis,

Emphysema, all of which come under the common terminology of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Natural Treatment:

Cleaning out your lungs calls for a combination of methods, basically diet modification  and exercise, using which the tar in the lungs can be removed, leaving the lungs free to function normally as before:

It also calls for a good amount of willpower, but the results are heartening:

First and foremost, Quit Smoking:

You will see the benefits of this single step in a short time.

Ensure that you get the full recommended daily quota of Vitamin D known to ensure good lung health and prevent respiratory diseases.

Diet-wise, it is good to keep away from margarine, sugars, corn syrup, aspartame, MSG, baking powder, sodas, alcohols, refined salt, and try to have as much organically grown foods as possible.

Unrefined sea salt is a better option than refined salt for those suffering from pulmonary diseases.

Also, stay away from acidic foods, dairy products, wheat, and soy, which promote mucus formation, which can badly clog the airways in the lungs.

Drinking much more than your normal consumption of pure water will help flush toxins out of the lungs, along with old fluids residing there.

Add a lot more ginger and garlic to your diet.  Onions are also considered good for healthy lung function.

Taking a little extra salt with water helps break the mucus and get it out of the system. Increased water intake will prevent attacks of asthma.

Breathing exercises and aerobic exercises both work to get the stale toxin-laden air in the lungs circulating again and help expel it from the body.

When the lungs are fully expanded due to exercise, the tar on the lungs automatically breaks up and gets expelled.

Slippery Elm Bark powder, when mixed with water and taken for a couple of weeks, gives a lot of relief in cases of bronchitis.

For more information w.r.t. lung toxin clearing, it would be good for you to consult a Professional Natural Therapist, who can also put you on a good body detox regime for optimum results.