How to Get Rid of Malignant Melanoma at Home Naturally

You have been observing that a mole on your arm has been growing in size and changing shape quite frequently, and you thought it is time to see a dermatologist.

You have done the right thing in seeking medical help in this regard.  The dermatologist observed the mole closely with a dermatoscope, a hand-held instrument widely used to diagnose melanoma, and advised a skin biopsy. The inference was that this could be something more than meets the eye – it could be malignant.

But this is no reason for alarm – most cases of malignant melanoma, especially in the initial stages, can be cured effectively at home, with natural substances and methods.


A mole that has been in existence for some time, but which has begun to grow into an irregular shaped patch, however small, or which has changed color, or which rises well above the skin, indicates malignant melanoma.

The person concerned may or may not feel any sensation, such as pain, while it evolves. However, in the later stages, there may be an itch or bleeding accompanied by loss of appetite, fatigue, and nausea.

Any new lesion that appears on the skin also needs seeds to be watched for abnormal growth and referred to as a dermatologist at the earliest.


The basic cause of melanoma is damage to the DNA within the cells.  There are 4 types of melanoma and four stages in its evolution.

In most cases, the triggers for damage to the DNA are overexposure to UV rays of the sun. However, it can also occur due to other environmental factors, heredity, some types of medication, stress, and malnutrition.


The rate of recovery from a melanoma depends on its thickness.   Recovery is quicker in early detection, and when the melanoma is still thin and has not reached the blood vessels below the skin.  Hence it is best to see a dermatologist at the first signs of doubt.

Later, the melanoma enters the invasive stage when it can spread through the body through the bloodstream.

At this stage, it isn’t easy to control.

Natural Treatments

The following natural remedies are known to work well in the initial stages and can be tried out with benefit:

The herb bloodroot is well known for its effectiveness with melanoma.   A pin-head size drop applied over the affected area, which is then covered with a band-aid tape, will result in a black spot in the area after a couple of days.

The substance applied eats through the cancerous tissue, leaving a gaping hole in the skin, which closes,  but cancer does not reappear.

Eggplant, containing glycoalkaloids, can be rubbed on the skin (the pulpy white portion) once or twice a day, for several days, before finding that the cancer is completely cleared.

A poultice can also be applied.  Eggplant, cut and soaked in white vinegar and kept in the fridge for 3 days before applying directly on the melanoma, will also give good results.

Food grade Hydrogen peroxide applied directly over the malignant moles will cause them to perish within a few days of this treatment.

Malignant Melanoma is not a condition to be taken lightly – however, keep yourself stress-free by practicing meditation, do not exert yourself excessively,  have a well-balanced diet, free of toxic substances, and keep indoors when the sun is at its height in the heavens or use sunscreen lotion if it is necessary to remain outdoors in such conditions.

For quicker results and an individualized plan of action, your best option is to get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.