How to Get Rid of Menopause Symptoms & Stop Hot Flashes Naturally

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how to deal with menopause symptoms naturally – how to get rid of bad hot flashes naturally

You’ve reached the age when it is normal for women to stop menstruating, and with that, you experience some changes taking place within you – some subtle and some not so subtle. 

In particular, you are bothered about the sudden feeling from time to time, that your body is heating up – your skin turns reddish, the pulse rate goes up, and you feel your heart racing. 

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Do not worry; you are reaching a stage that occurs in every woman’s life- a transition stage known as Menopause, wherein the changes you observe are normal. 

Of course, you may feel some amount of discomfort, but that is easily handled with Natural Therapy – i.e., naturally, using natural methods and natural substances.



At an average age of 50, a woman goes through a natural transition stage in her life. The most significant change that occurs is that menstruation becomes irregular until it finally stops.

Simultaneously, she experiences hot flushes lasting approximately a minute, with body temperature rising slightly, and pulse rate increases.  

This could begin just before menopause and continue for a year or two thereafter.    Also, there could be urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness,  substantial weight gain, and dry skin. 

Apart from these changes, there are also certain imperceptible changes occurring within the body around the same time. 

These include loss of bone density, thinning of the skin, and a rise in LDL levels in the blood, putting the person at greater risk of heart disease.


Menopause is basically the result of several hormonal changes taking place within a woman at that particular age. 

In fact, the changes in hormone levels commence much before the perceptible changes at menopause.

The follicle-stimulating hormone responsible for the growth of ovarian follicles becomes ineffective. The estrogen levels begin to fall, and with that, the ovulation process slows down until it finally ceases. 

Estrogen is an important hormone not only for reproduction but also for several other functions. There are observable changes in the hair and skin texture, becoming thinner and more susceptible to bruising.

Not only that, when the hypothalamus located in the brain, stops receiving its normal quota of estrogen, its normal function of maintaining body temperature gets somewhat disrupted, and you begin to feel hot flushes. 

The urinary incontinence is on account of the low supply of estrogen to the bladder.

how to relieve menopause symptoms-Hot Flashes naturally

Menopause is a very normal and natural changeover process from one phase in a woman’s life to another. 

A few changes in the diet and lifestyle are usually sufficient to restore  a good amount of normalcy, to reduce at least the discomfort a woman begins to feel around that age:

#1. Maintain estrogen Levels  to control menopause symptoms naturally

One important step that needs to be taken is to make available to the body that increased estrogen level becomes depleted during menopause. 

Natural methods are the best ones you can employ in this regard.   Increase your consumption of phytoestrogen containing foods such as cucumber, corn, olive oil, papaya, oats, peas, soy, garlic, flaxseed, and sesame seeds. 

All of them are rich in nutrients that the body needs at the time of menopause and can boost estrogen levels.

#2.Increase Water Intake  to ease menopause symptoms naturally

To reduce hot flashes, ensure that you are well hydrated.  Evening primrose oil capsules taken daily will further help subside the hot flushes.

#3.aloe vera gel to manage menopause symptoms naturally

Use aloe vera gel on your skin to improve its texture and get rid of the dryness which you experience at this time.   Another natural remedy is to use Vitamin E oil, readily available with chemists.

#4.almond oil and Vitamin E oil  to reduce menopause symptoms naturally

A mixture of almond oil and Vitamin E oil, applied on the vagina, will help remove the dryness in that area.

#5.Lemon balm to relieve menopause symptoms naturally

Lemon balm applied over aching joints, which normally occurs during menopause, will ease the pain substantially.  Oil of Cypress also works similarly.

Menopause is a period in a woman’s life which she necessarily has to go through, but it can be made much less discomfort if natural remedies are applied. 

For more information on this subject, the best guide would be a Professional Natural Therapist.

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