How to Get Rid of Migraine the Natural Way :How to Treat your Migraine without Medication

Get Rid Of Migraine at Home Instantly

Natural Ways to get rid of migraine immediately &  cure migraine permanently at home

Your headache is back – the last time it occurred, it was on the left temple: This time, it is on the right temple;  it rarely occurs on both sides. 

Can I Cure Migraine Naturally & Permanently?

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You dread it because while it lasts, you feel totally incapacitated.    Your doctor heard you out and came to the conclusion that what you are suffering from are not ordinary headaches; they are migraines:  

He has suggested that you take certain drugs to kill the pain – but you are averse to this: You want to know if there are any natural ways to get rid of this one-sided pain in the head. 

Fortunately for you, there are several ways in which you can rid yourself of this headache naturally, using material that is natural in origin.



The chief characteristic of a migraine is a headache on one side of the head, either at the left or right temple or behind the eye. 

A sensitive person can predict the onset of a migraine attack.   Mood changes, irritability, sleepiness, yawning, stiff muscles, etc. are some of the indicators that a migraine is on the way. 

  The aura stage generally follows these symptoms, wherein the vision gets blurred, or flashes of light and dark are experienced: 

This stage, however, need not occur in all cases of migraine.

The next stage is the one where throbbing pain is experienced on one side of the head.  Many people have a sensation of nausea and vomiting and loss of appetite at this stage.

Also, there is sensitivity to light, and the eyes become red with a burning sensation. The person prefers to lie down in a dark area until the pain subsides, which may take anywhere between 3 to 30 hours. 

Thus there is a period of total inactivity,  and several working hours can be lost in the process.


The theory now replaces the earlier belief that migraine is a vascular problem that is neurological – i.e., that neurological activity over a part of the brain called the cortex appears to be depressed. 

This leads to irritation of the cranial nerve’s roots, resulting in pain in the face and head.    The migraine itself is one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. 

Several factors can trigger a migraine: high blood pressure, allergies, stress, artificial sweeteners, starvation, physical overexertion, bright or flickering lights, loud noises, chocolates, and MSG, nitrates, peanuts, caffeine, and alcohol.

how to get rid of migraine quickly 

Given below are the natural remedies to get rid of migraines at home permanently.

Several prescription drugs are available for controlling the pain during a migraine.  While these are effective, their side-effects can be devastating.

Hence, it is preferable to go for natural remedies that, while being less expensive,  can also work as efficaciously as conventional medicines in subsiding migraine headaches.

#1. Avoid Triggers

If you can observe the specific trigger for migraines in your case, it will help avoid it.  i.e., if it is physical overexertion, you may be able to take care that you get sufficient rest in between. 

If it is chocolates, avoid them, etc.:

#2.Fix a tight band around the forehead  to manage migraine pain

Fix a tight band around the forehead and keep it there for an hour. There will be a definite lessening of the headache’s intensity due to decreased blood flow to the scalp.

#3. Eating almonds to relieve migraine quickly

Eating almonds during a migraine is known to suppress the headache.  About 10-12 almonds are sufficient to bring it under control.

#4. sandalwood paste to fix migraine

Applying sandalwood paste (made of sandalwood powder and water) or dry ginger powder paste on the forehead and letting it dry will greatly reduce the migraine headache.

#5.Peppermint essential oil to heal a migraine

Peppermint essential oil –  2-3 drops – applied over the forehead will ease the headache after causing an initial burning sensation.

#6. niacin to treat migraine

Including a lot of niacin containing foods in your diet is a good idea since it is known to ease migraine headaches.  Examples of such items are fish, liver, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, and green leafy vegetables.

You can get many more natural remedies for migraine headaches if you get in touch with a qualified Natural Therapist. 

Meanwhile, it would be useful for you to observe and find out your trigger and take steps to prevent the headache from occurring by avoiding the trigger as best you can.

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