How to Get Rid of Nail-Biting Habits Naturally In Adults, Children and Toddler

Break the Nail Biting Habit Easily Using Natural Methods – Useful for Adults, both men & women, teens & toddlers.

You are aware that you have developed a habit which you yourself do not endorse – that of biting your fingernails.

But try as you might avoid it,  in some situations, you end up chewing off your nails almost unconsciously.

The edges of your nails look frayed and ugly, unlike those of your friends and colleagues, most of whose nails are beautifully painted.

You desperately want to get out of the habit, but do not know how:  Rest assured that as long as there is a strong intent in this regard, you will succeed in ridding yourself of the habit;   there are umpteen natural ways in which you can do this using natural methods to help you out.


Nail Biting

The common habit of nail-biting begins in childhood and continues into adulthood.

As it is known medically, chronic nail-biting or onychophagia can result in severely jagged nail edges, with reddening of the underlying skin.


Nail-biting is a sign of an emotional problem, such as anxiety, stress, or nervousness.  It can also result from boredom, inactivity, or hunger and is more often than involuntary.

Whichever way it is viewed, it is a sign of some deep-seated, pent-up emotion, which is trying to find expression in physical action.

how to stop compulsive nail biting

Apart from the disfigurement of the fingers and nails, this habit can bring about unwanted bacterial infection.   Hence, it is in one’s interest to find ways to get rid of this irritating habit once and for all.

Ensure that your hands are busy with something or other so that you do not get to biting your nails. You will become more productive also that way.

Wearing fake nails is one way of stopping the nail-biting habit.  Get yourself a set of these, and see the habit disappear.

Applying clear nail polish on the fingernails is another way of avoiding the biting of the nails.  The taste of the nail-polish is a sure deterrent for this habit.

Applying castor oil on the nails is another way of keeping yourself from biting them off.

Apart from all the natural substances that you can apply on your nails to avoid biting them, it is good to sit back and examine your feelings when you realize what you are doing.

Are you anxious or stressed about something?  Or do you feel inadequate in any way?   Nail-biting is also a sign of low self-esteem or insecurity.

Getting to the root of the problem may be a better way of ridding yourself of the habit than any external applications on your nails.

Do you want the external world to read your actions as a sign of poor self-image?  Can you do something about perking up your self-esteem?

Please make a list of your good points and dwell on them.  There are several alternative therapies, such as hypnosis or EFT, which can help you in these areas, and you could make an honest effort to explore them.

Also, pay more attention to your diet.  Include food substances that will act as nerve tonics to reduce your anxiety and stress levels.  Eating almonds or grapes could help you in this regard.

Nail-biting being more of an emotional disorder, you should get professional advice from a qualified Natural Therapist who can work in conjunction with a psychologist to help you get rid of the habit at the earliest.