How to Get Rid of Nervous Twitch or Tic Naturally at Home

how to stop a Nervous Twitch or Tic: treat a nervous tic Naturally

Sometimes your eye starts twitching uncontrollably – there seems to be nothing you can do to stop it.  It comes on at any time and feels odd when you are in company – you keep wondering if people are observing your twitch and presuming that you are about to have a seizure.

But relax – it is not so –   Most times, it is only you who feels your twitch.   And, if you want to get rid of this tendency,  there’s help at hand, in the form of natural remedies – you can use natural methods and natural substances to cure yourself of this nervous twitch or tic as it is known.


Nervous twitch or tic is the term used to describe the involuntary jerking of muscles located in various parts of the body.

These twitches occur mostly in the eye, resulting in excessive spasmodic blinking, or it may occur in the shoulder, causing involuntary movement of the arms and shoulders.

Sometimes, other muscles in the face can also be affected, i.e., near the mouth. At times, the abdominal muscles Sometimes, the tic can be verbal or phonic, when the person makes an involuntary weird grunting sound or perhaps clears the throat without any reason.

Normally, the person gets a premonition about the tic’s occurrence and may try to suppress it, but most often does not succeed.

Though not serious, it can prove to be a major distraction while concentrating on a subject and can also cause much social anxiety and embarrassment.


Tics can be a symptom of mild neurological disorder and can be triggered by anxiety, stress, nervousness, etc.

They are a means of relieving the tension you feel in certain situations.  They can also be inherited.  Nutritional deficiencies can also play a role in the occurrence of nervous twitches.

Some conventional medicines also form triggers for tics.

how to cure a nervous tics Naturally: Home Remedies

There are several ways in which the involuntary nervous twitch can be cured. The occasional awkward glances in social interactions can be avoided by taking a few remedial measures, all-natural, without any side effects whatsoever.

Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming are two forms of alternative treatment that one can undergo to cure Nervous twitches.

Neither of them involves drugs, but rather, condition the mind to cure it of the involuntary action.

Apart from this, some herbal remedies can be tried out for getting rid of this twitch.

One such herb is hyoscyamus, well-known for its anti-spasmodic properties and widely used in conditions requiring control of spasmodic movements.

Ashwagandha, well known for its calming properties and sage, and chamomile can be used as a brew to cure nervous twitches.

A diet high in magnesium and zinc can help prevent nervous twitches. ( A magnesium deficiency can reduce serotonin levels, which in turn can trigger tics.)

Accordingly, having more sesame seeds, nuts, whole grains, wheat bran, and dried figs, shellfish, liver, and oysters are recommended.

A person who suffers from this condition needs to relax.  Meditation is a good way to do this.

A few minutes a day, preferably in the morning after waking, kept aside for meditation is known to calm the mind and help handle day-to-day problems in a more balanced way.

There is no need to get worked up because you suffer from nervous twitch.

If one can keep one’s mind concentrated on other more useful activities, the chances are that the twitch will occur less frequently.

For more information on nervous twitch,  it would be a good idea to get in touch with a Qualified Natural Therapist.