How to Get Rid of Scars Quickly – DIY fade scars Yourself

how to eliminate scars : heal scars easily using Natural Methods

The last time you had a bout of acne, it has left several scars on your face, making it appear quite disfigured.

The bruise on your knee after the fall you had,  has left an ugly looking scar that is taking its own time to clear.

Can I Cure Scars Naturally & Permanently?

Yes, you can, wanna see more proof?

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They are health-wise harmless and require treatment for cosmetic reasons only, most of the time – so do not worry,  there are several natural methods by which you can get the scars to heal quickly, without the slightest trace of their existence, within a short time, using only natural methods and substances.


Scarring is part of the process of healing of a wound.  However, scars can be of different types,  some forming a pit that sinks into the skin   (atrophic) while others form a raised dark lump above the skin (hypertrophic).

Most scars are painless,  but in some cases,, there is itching, tenderness,, or burning sensation.   Very stiff scars at the joints, say at the knee or elbow, can result in the joint’s restricted movement till the scar heals.

Scars have certain characteristics- i.e., their resistance to Ultraviolet light is lower,, and hair will not grow from a scar.

How Scars are formed:

Whenever there is an injury on the skin, the normal healing process takes place, and the result is a scar.

Scarring occurs in almost all types of wounds, whereby a fibrous tissue begins to take the place of the normal skin which existed before the wound occurred.

It comprises collagen, but the weave of the fibers in the collagen is different from that of normal skin.

how to remove “ANY” scars from face:  clear up  scars

Scarring on exposed parts of the body generally tends to cause some amount of embarrassment. It is, therefore, best to try and heal them as quickly as possible so that social interactions do not suffer.

#1.Ice Cubes :to eliminate scars

Using ice cubes over the scars and allowing the water to dry naturally is one way of healing them fast.

#2.Orange Peel to cover scars

Ground Orange Peel has many vitamins and minerals and is useful in healing skin blemishes,, including scars.

#3.Aloe vera gel to get rid of scars quickly

Aloe vera gel mixed with tea tree oil or lavender oil and applied over scars will enable the latter to heal quickly.

#4.tomato or cucumber Slices to heal scars easy

Slices of tomato or cucumber placed over the scars will help to soften them and heal them fast.

#5.lemon juice to lighten scars quickly

Applying lemon juice over the scars just before retiring to bed at night is a great remedy.  It helps to remove dead skin and to even out the scar with the skin around it.

Drinking the juice of a single lemon in a glass of water daily will heal the scar within weeks.

#6.Extra Virgin Olive oil  to make cutting or any scars fade

Extra Virgin Olive oil, which contains natural Vitamin E, so essential for good skin texture, is also extensively used in healing scars,, including acne.

#7.aspirin  to remove scars

Making a paste of an aspirin tablet containing salicylic acid,  and applying it over the scars also helps heal them quickly.

Apply this paste daily and wash off with lukewarm water after 15minutes.    The soreness around the scars will disappear, and the scar will heal fast.

#8.vinegar to fix scars

A very dilute solution of vinegar in warm water can be used to rinse the face daily.  This method takes about 2-3 weeks to heal the scar.

#9.Baking soda to heal scars

Baking soda paste made with water and applied over the scarred skin is another great remedy for healing scars.

It should be left to dry on the skin for a while before washing off with lukewarm water.

#10.Professional Guidence for Quick & Safe Scar Removal at Home

A Professional Natural Therapist is the best person to help you regain the skin’s original texture after scarring.

Hence, do not lose time in contacting one such person for the quick healing of your scars.

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