How to Get Rid of Shoulder Pain at Home: Powerful Solution

Fix Shoulder Pain at Home

how to get rid of the shoulder and arm pain: get rid of shoulder pain fast

You are very much troubled by the pain in your shoulders – a dull discomfort or stiffness, which tends to be generally there at all times.

Though it is not very unbearable at the moment, there are times when it intensifies, and sometimes, it travels down into the upper back as well.

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You have visited your doctor, and after having an x-ray taken, have prescribed some medication.

But did you know that for the type of pain you have, it is easily possible to use the methods and substances prescribed by Natural therapy, whereby you need not suffer the adverse side-effects of prescription medicines, yet get rid of the shoulder pain very effectively?


While pain can sometimes be acute, sharp, or stabbing,  it can also be dull, numbing, or spasmodic.  Generally, when the shoulders are affected, the neck and upper back, and sometimes arms, are also affected.

Headaches are also common among those who have shoulder pain.  As the intensity of the pain increases, it may be difficult to rotate the arm or move it backward.

The pain could also be accompanied by swelling and discoloration of the area. Numbness and coolness of the arm can also occur.

Combo Pains – Normally, Shoulder pain appears along with other pains like –

  • back and shoulder pain
  • headache and shoulder pain
  •  pain in shoulder and neck


There can be several causes of shoulder pain.  It can range from strain to something as serious as a heart attack.

Since the shoulders are comprised of muscles, bones, veins, ligaments, etc. any trauma suffered by any of these could result in shoulder pain.

A fall or other form of injury, for instance, wherein the bones of the arm or shoulder are dislocated or fractured, can result in severe shoulder pain along with swelling and inflammation.

A person who has arthritis could also experience shoulder pain and swelling on account of inflammation of the joints.

In such a case, there could be a limited range of motion. Frozen shoulder resulting from keeping the arm in a sling for too long can also cause shoulder pain.

Poor posture is more reason why the shoulders could hurt.

how to reduce shoulder joint pain: Fix Shoulder Pain at Home

While most cases of shoulder pain can be treated with natural therapy at home, there may be some instances where immediate medical attention is called for, such as when there is complete numbness or color change or persistent pain, or coolness in the arm.

#1.Hot Water Bag to relieve shoulder joint pain

For mild cases of shoulder pain, the shoulder joint should not be exercised too much;  if the problem is soft, it will go away on its own. The application of a hot water bag or other heating pad will give much relief.   Giving the shoulder some rest is essential.

#2.Ice Packs to stop shoulder pain

For slightly more severe cases, the immediate application of icepacks will help. These can be alternated with heat pads (15 mins each) for the best results. The ice, however, should not be directly applied to the skin.

#3.Massaging with Essential Oils to treat left shoulder pain

Gentle massaging with a few drops of lavender oil or better still, tea tree oil,  will also help a great deal.  These are, moreover, safer, and milder than any medication which a doctor would prescribe.

#4.Mint Leaves  to fix shoulder pain

The cooling effect of mint leaves can be made use of for curing shoulder pain. Crush some mint leaves and apply over the shoulder for immediate relief.

#5.Pectin in combination with bromelain  to ease sharp shoulder pain

Pectin, in combination with bromelain, works very well to relieve joint stiffness in the shoulder by restoring normalcy to worn out synovial tissues.

Thus, eating apples and pineapples regularly, or taking supplements will help. Pectin is also available in the rind of citrus fruits.

#6. Try This Professional Guide for Quick Results

For more information on how to cure shoulder pain at home, the best option for you would be to contact a Professional Natural Therapist.

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