how to heal a sprained ankle quick

the best treatment for the sprained ankle (lateral, eversion, inversion, high ankle sprains, etc.)

If you have ever sprained an ankle, you would be aware of the pain and discomfort you have gone through while it healed.

It is such a common form of injury that everyone at some time or other would need to tend to it, either for themselves or for their family members.

You do not have to be an athlete to experience a sprained ankle  – walking on uneven ground, or otherwise twisting the foot awkwardly can result in a swollen ankle. The pain you experience will not allow you to walk a step further.

It would help if you had medical attention or at least first aid.  It is best, therefore, that you equip yourself with the necessary knowledge. To treat a sprained ankle – you need not go for expensive pain-killers with adverse side effects.

On the other hand, there are many natural ways that you can make use of to heal a sprained ankle in the shortest possible time.

Get Rid of Sprained Ankle

Sprained Ankle  Symptoms:

You can easily recognize a sprained ankle by its appearance. The surrounding tissues and ligaments are injured and become inflamed, causing redness and swelling around the ankle joint, which becomes warm to the touch.

The ankle consists of three prominent bones, the tibia, fibula, and the talus.  These are held together using ligaments and tissues.  It is when these ligaments are injured that we feel severe, throbbing pain, and we say the ankle is sprained.

At times the injury is so severe that one is barely able to put the foot on the ground, leave alone, walk around on that foot.

Causes of Sprained Ankle Injuries:

Any form of stress on the ligaments in the foot tends to tear them, resulting in a sprained ankle.  This can happen in one of several ways:

Most times, the foot bends inwards inadvertently while placing it on the ground.  This can result in strain on the ligaments which go to keep the bones of the ankle in place.    At other times, the foot can get twisted on an uneven stretch of ground.

Athletes are the ones who experience this injury the most, moving as they are, on their feet all the time.  Inversion ankle sprains where the foot moves inwards is the most common form of a sprain.

how to make your sprained ankle heal faster

The following are the most popular natural ways to treat and cure a sprained ankle without equipment.

#1.Rest: to make a sprained ankle stop hurting

A sprained ankle needs plenty of rest to heal.   A brace or splint is the best way to keep the bones moving and the tissues from getting injured further.

#2.apply ice directly over the sprained ankle -Reduces Swelling

The next step is to apply ice directly over the sprained ankle.  If used immediately, not only does it help to reduce the swelling and redness, but it also stops further inflammation by decreasing the flow of blood to the area.

You will also notice that the severity of the pain is reduced with the application of ice.  However, you must take care not to apply ice for more than 15 minutes and give a gap of 40-45 minutes, allowing it to warm up before repeating the process.

#3.A crepe bandage

A crepe bandage comes in handy while treating a sprained ankle.  After applying ice, it is best to hold it in position with the help of a crepe bandage tied moderately tightly.

With the ankle now immobilized,  it is best not to attempt moving around:

Instead, sit in a chair with the ankle propped up above the level of the heart: This will further help reduce the Swelling.

#4.Simple Movements

Follow up the above process within 48 hours, with simple flexibility exercises, to strengthen the ankle joints and prevent further injury.

Making circles in the air with the foot resting on the heel is one method.

You can also move the foot up and down.

Sprained ankles are generally treated at home unless, of course, the pain is very severe, and mobility is doubtful even after several days of home treatment.

#5.Professional Help to Rehab Sprained Ankle at Home -Fast

Pain-free walking in few days guaranteed . If you are looking for a quick and permanent solution you need to check this out.

It is the best choice to follow the instructions of a professional to cure a Sprained ankle quickly.

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