How To Get Rid Of Stutter at Home Naturally

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How To Stop  Stutter at Home-Fix Stutter Quickly and Permanently

Do you have difficulty in speaking fluently?  Do some of the words you speak get involuntarily repeated? Or do some syllables get repeated without your wanting to do so?

Overall, you cannot speak full sentences without breaks of some sort between the words, and the more this happens, the worse it becomes.

You are embarrassed at your inability to speak quickly. You are labeled as a stutterer.  Should you go to a speech therapist?  By all means, do so, but what you need to do first is ‘Relax.’

Do not think about it as a problem at all, and you will be on the way to sorting out this situation for yourself.

You can do this naturally, with a little effort from your side, and with all the natural substances available in your own home.


A stutterer comes across generally as a diffident person, afraid to open his/her mouth lest the problem shows up.

There is hesitancy in beginning a sentence and many pauses between words with repetition of syllables or even words.

Sometimes there may be involuntary jerks of the jaw or other parts of the face, and the eyes may also blink.

The observer or listener gets the impression that a significant amount of effort has gone into framing the sentence which the stutterer finally completes.

Causes of Stutter :

A person may have the problem of stuttering from childhood.  A child may have difficulty choosing the right words, and hence may stutter, and this habit usually clears itself with time.

But occasionally,  this inability to articulate words can follow the person into adulthood, when it can lead to embarrassing situations.

This could be due to non-synchronization between the brain and the muscles and nerves involved in speech and is referred to as the neurogenic form of stuttering.

One often comes across this type of stuttering in persons who have suffered a stroke or other brain damage.

Another form of stuttering originates in the mind and is known as psychogenic stuttering.  This type of stuttering increases with the level of stress and anxiety.

How to Stop Stutter at Home-Fix Stutter Naturally forever

Most popular & proven natural methods to stop stutter at home, give below:

#1.Have Patience

A child who stutters needs a great deal of patience and understanding, and it is the duty of the parents and those with whom he/she grows up to provide the relaxed atmosphere in which the child ultimately succeeds in coming out of the condition.

It is always good for the listeners to wait for the words to come from the child rather than completing sentences for them.

Even for an adult who stutters, patience, and understanding from the listeners would go a long way in instilling confidence in the person, who will gradually get over the problem in the right environment.


Yoga is a great natural way in which to overcome the habit of stuttering.  Kapalbhati is known to improve the situation for some persons.

#3.Reduce Stress

Find out which stress busters work best for you, and try to be free of stress while speaking.


Use nutritional supplements to relax the nerves and muscles to articulate the words you wish to speak.

Magnesium malate and the vitamins of the B group are mainly found useful in this regard.

#5.Wild yam root, lemon balm, and chamomile

Wild yam root, lemon balm, and chamomile are often used to calm the nerves to improve the speech of stutterers.

#6.Things to avoid

Keep away from caffeine, alcohol, and smoking, deplete the body of nutrients and irritate the nerves.

#7.Most Popular Way to Fix Stutter Quickly.

If you still need more tips on improving stuttering, it is best to opt for the services of a Speech Therapist or a Professional Natural Therapist.

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