How to Get Rid of Sweaty Feet Naturally at Home: fix sweaty feet

Cure Sweaty Feet Easily Forever

how to stop excessively sweaty feet: keep sweaty feet dry

Your feet sweat a lot, especially in the hot season,  and sometimes the odor emanating from them becomes unbearable, especially when you remove your footwear.  

You are keen to do something about it but are unsure how to go about it.   The best way to do so is to check out the options available under Natural Therapy. 

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Apart from saving on the cost of treatment, natural remedial methods will enable you to get rid of your problematic condition without taking any drugs, which bring severe adverse effects at times.


A person suffering from Sweaty feet will find that they generally sweat excessively from the ankles downwards. 


Such persons also tend to sweat in the palms.  However, it is quite possible to have sweaty feet alone when it is known as solitary foot sweating.  

While most of the time, the reason for sweating is apparent,  i.e., warm environment or emotional tension, it may happen at times that the feet sweat for no known reason.

It is an involuntary action controlled by the hypothalamus in the brain.  

Sweaty feet almost always give out an unpleasant odor, and the person finds it difficult to move around without slipping in the sandals or shoes. 

Fungal infection is also likely to be seen on feet that sweat.


Genetics has a role to play in the sweating of palms and feet.  If any members of your family have sweaty feet, you are very likely to have this condition as well.

Nervousness is one of the reasons why people tend to have sweaty palms and feet.  Keeping the feet covered at all times also tends to bring about sweating in the feet. 

Overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system is the cause of excessive sweating in the feet.  Certain medical conditions can also trigger sweating of the feet.

Hormonal imbalances are also responsible for sweaty feet in some cases. A diet high in saturated fats will make a person more prone to sweaty feet.

how to deal with sweaty feet:  eliminate sweaty feet Naturally

Natural Therapy is the best choice for getting rid of sweaty feet.   There are several methods you can select from, and all make use of natural substances usually available in any home:

#1.Powdered alum to control sweaty feet

Powdered alum, sprinkled over the feet,  will readily absorb any sweat and keep the feet dry.  It does not have any adverse reaction on the skin either.

#2.boric acid powder to combat sweaty feet

Similarly, using boric acid powder or borax powder available with any chemist will help tide over the problem, keeping the feet clean and dry, and free from any microbial action as well.

#3.Baking powder, corn starch, and talcum powder 

Baking powder, corn starch, and talcum powder containing aluminum chloride effectively keep the feet free of sweat and moisture.

#4.Washing to fix sweaty feet

Washing the feet several times a day will keep keeping the foul odor at bay.

Immediately after washing, they can be sprayed with talcum powder.  Instead of keeping the feet fully covered all the time, it is good to give them some fresh air as well. to prevent sweaty feet

Doing yoga to calm the mind and avoid nervous tension is an excellent way to take care of your sweaty feet. 

Over time, this practice will not only keep your feet dry of sweat but will give you several other benefits as well.

#6.Diet to stop sweaty feet

Keeping away from fatty and spicy foods will also help you to manage the sweat in your feet.

If you need more ways to keep your feet free of sweat, grime and microbes, do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist who will be best able to guide you in the matter.

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