How to Treat Tennis Elbow: Cure Tennis Elbow yourself

Fix Tennis Elbow Easily Forever

how to treat tennis elbow:  Cure tennis elbow naturally

You feel as if your right arm has lost its power, especially the forearm.  You find it difficult to hold or grasp anything with that hand.

Also, there is some pain near the elbow. You have left it unattended for almost a week, hoping it would regain its strength, but that has not happened.

What you are most probably suffering from is Tennis Elbow, and there is no harm in seeing a doctor about it.

Can I Cure Tennis Elbow Naturally & Permanently?

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He will check relevant details about you and probably have an x-ray taken to confirm the condition.

After that, it is best to go for Natural ways to effect a cure. Though the natural process is slightly slow, you can keep yourself free of the tension you would otherwise undergo thinking of the side-effects of the drugs which will be prescribed, including painkillers.


Tennis elbow results from injury to the tendons on the outside of the elbow connecting the forearm muscles to the bone on the outer portion of the elbow.

It is a painful condition, wherein the muscles of the forearm tend to lose their grasping power, and the wrist feels weak.

It becomes difficult for the person even to hold a toothbrush in the affected hand or to lift even a pen from the table.

Causes of Tennis Elbow :

Any action that requires repetitive motion of the wrist, as in playing tennis, painting, constant use of a screwdriver or hammer,  can cause tennis elbow.

Also, tightly gripping any object or bending the wrist backward can cause this condition.  Thus, while it is not limited to tennis players alone, about 50% of tennis players are affected.

The strain caused by such movements results in tiny tears in the tendons resulting in pain in the area.

Often the pain comes on slowly,  but sometimes, it can be sudden, as heavy objects are lifted with that hand.

How To Cure Tennis Elbow yourself

Find here natural ways to treat and cure tennis elbow yourself, following are the most popular methods to heal tennis elbow quickly & permanently.


Since the condition is caused by excessive strain on the tendon,  it is best to give the arm a fair amount of rest and refrain from doing any activities that cause it to hurt.

#2. ice packs

At the same time, ice packs can be applied for 10 minutes at a time, for a total of one to two hours a day, depending on the intensity of the pain.

The ice should be wrapped in a towel rather than applying directly to the skin. This can be done for 5-6 days, after which heat can also be used.

To pressure off the injured tendon, one may consider having an elbow strap arranged at a hospital.

#3.use an elastic band

You can also use an elastic band around the wrist and another one near the elbow to get relief from the pain.

Too much rest is also not an excellent solution to the problem. After about 15 days, a little movement of the affected hand is quite an in order.

The muscles need to be strengthened to enable them to carry out day-to-day activities as required further.

This is done with a structured physiotherapy program under the guidance of a qualified physiotherapist.

Meanwhile, you can try out the following at home:

#4. Use a hand-gripper

Use a hand-gripper, purchased from sports equipment stores, to bring back the muscle power to your hand slowly.

It can be used for 5 minutes, gradually increasing it to 10 minutes,   3-4 times a day.   While using it, you must note to keep the elbow straight while bending the wrist.


Rest followed by physiotherapy form the mainstay of the treatment for tennis elbow.  Pain relief can be achieved by one of several alternative therapies, such as reiki, EFT, etc. with the help of a practitioner.


It is best to avoid using too many over-the-counter painkillers because of harmful effects on other organs in the body.

For best guidance w.r.t. exercises to be undertaken, you can get in touch with a good Physiotherapist.

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