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You had visited an ENT specialist the other day with the complaint that you hear a kind of hissing or buzzing sound in your ears, which is almost constant.

After a series of investigations, which included an audiogram, followed by a CT scan, etc. he concluded that you are suffering from a condition known as Tinnitus.

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He told you it was quite a common ENT problem and that you need not worry since generally, it disappears on its own.

Doctors usually prescribe medicines, but you would instead look for alternative forms of treatment.   Your line of thinking is correct.

Instead of going for expensive medicines, the best form of treatment is a natural therapy, whereby with the use of natural substances and methods, you can yourself achieve a cure.


A  person diagnosed with Tinnitus feels a ringing sound in both ears without any external sound.

The type and intensity of sound vary from person to person, and only the person concerned can hear it.

While some may hear a constant hissing or buzzing, others may listen to a relatively loud intermittent sound, while for yet others, the sound may continuously be there.

The person could also complain of pain in the ear at the same time, and in more severe cases, there could be dizziness, headaches, and eventually, there could be hearing impairment.

Causes of Tinnitus:

Medical conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes,  brain tumor, head injuries, etc. are the causes of Tinnitus.

A person suffering from this condition can experience an increase in its intensity on taking medications for colds or flu, such as aspirin.

The sound is heard when there is damage to the hearing nerve ending in the inner ear.  This damage can be age-related, in which case, there will be loss of hearing as well.

It can also be on account of ear infection. Those who continuously stay in a high-decibel environment are also likely to damage their hearing nerve endings.

how to treat tinnitus ear ringing naturally:

Though it is found that in some cases, the Tinnitus disappears on its own, it can be quite a hindrance while it lasts, and it is best to try and get rid of it at the earliest.

While much would depend on the cause of the TinnitusTinnitus, there are some available treatments which work towards reducing the sound in the ear, as well as the pain.

#1.essential oils to deal with TinnitusTinnitus naturally

Certain essential oils, such as rose oil or lemon oil, when massaged over the head, or otherwise vaporized in the presence of the affected person, can give considerable relief.

The extract of the leaves of Ginkgo Biloba, a well-known herb, has been found useful in the natural treatment of TinnitusTinnitus.

#2. Hawthorne and Black Cohosh  to eliminate TinnitusTinnitus naturally

Hawthorne and Black Cohosh are two herbs useful for Tinnitus, Tinnitus, which occurs on intracranial hypertension or blood congestion.

#3.crystal salt and glycerine to help TinnitusTinnitus naturally

A nasal spray made by mixing a teaspoon each of crystal salt and glycerine in a little water is useful in alleviating the symptoms of TinnitusTinnitus.

#4. Reduce caffeinated drinks to reduce TinnitusTinnitus naturally

Reducing the number of caffeinated drinks and quitting smoking are recommended in the treatment of TinnitusTinnitus., meditation and massage therapy to heal TinnitusTinnitus naturally

Also, yoga, meditation, and massage therapy work effectively to cure this condition, responding well to stress relief measures.

When you have TinnitusTinnitus, it is best to get yourself checked for the underlying cause of the problem and take steps to treat the fundamental cause while also trying to reduce the symptoms of TinnitusTinnitus.

Natural methods are an effective means of doing this, and for more details, you should speak to a Professional Natural Therapist.

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