How to Get Rid of Tiredness and Sleepiness at Home Naturally

How to Cure  Tiredness and Sleepiness at Home Naturally

You lack energy most of the time these days.  Within a couple of hours of waking, all your energy seems to drain away, leaving you feeling tired and sometimes sleepy all day.

You wonder what is causing this lethargy through the day.  Do not worry – you can restore your energy to your normal levels very effectively by natural means.

There is really no need to go for high-cost tonics and medicines when all you need is a little modification in your diet and lifestyle.

Give yourself a few weeks – a few natural steps taken towards modifying your diet and lifestyle can bring back the zing in your life and leave you feeling hale and hearty and full of beans again.


Get Rid of Tiredness and Sleepiness at Home

On the days that you feel tired and sleepy and drained of energy, you lack the will to complete the tasks you have set yourself for the day.

Outdoor tasks particularly are shelved for a better day since they require more energy.

Somehow, even your stomach feels sluggish and is unable to digest the food you eat,  and right through the day you are troubled by minor aches and pains to which you would not have given a second thought on a better day.

You feel out of sorts and fly off the handle at the slightest provocation.


There could be various reasons for your not feeling up to the mark, some of them being underlying medical conditions.

Overexhaustion can leave you fatigued.  Difficulty in getting the right quality and amount of sleep is one of the causes.

You require at least 7-8 hours of proper, undisturbed sleep during which time your body goes into repair mode to make you fit for another day’s work.

Stress and tensions can prevent you from sleeping well at night.  Also if you suffer from sleep apnea, you can feel tired and sleep-deprived the next day.

Are you sufficiently hydrated?  Dehydration can cause tiredness and listlessness since most of the organs cannot function without the required quota of water.

Another reason is the lack of the right nutrients in your diet, particularly iron.  A good idea would be to get yourself checked for anaemia.

Hypothyroidism, diabetes, malfunctioning immune system,and  Rheumatoid arthritis and all leave you feeling dull and drained of energy.

Psychoactive substances such as caffeine, tobacco and alcohol are all known to cause tiredness.

Get Rid Of Tiredness And Sleepiness At Home

There are many natural ways in which you can perk up your energies and get back to being yourself in a short time.

It would be good if you could identify the cause of your tiredness and work precisely in that direction to get rid of this feeling as quickly as possible.

However there are certain general methods by which you can restore your energy without any prescription medicines or tonics.

If you feel you are physically overworked, try to plan and organize your day better.  By this means you will also save on precious time, leaving you less stressed on that account as well.

Ensure that you get your daily quota of sound sleep. It is a great refresher.

Try not to indulge in heavy physical or mental activity a couple of hours before bedtime.  Spend some time meditating just prior to sleep.

Drink plenty of water, even if you are not really thirsty.  A feeling of thirst indicates that your muscles are already starved of water.

Some rejuvenating drinks which you can hve in the course of the day, are pomegranate juice, grape juice or  carrot juice.

Eat a good, balance diet, with plenty of spinach, nuts, beans, simple carbohydrates and proteins.  Take vitamin supplements if necessary.

Avoid too much coffee, tea and alcohol and give up smoking if you have the habit.

Having 2 cups of ashwagandha tea a day will bring back all your lost energy, within a matter of days.

Dates are a good source of instant energy.    Similarly, having a banana a day will give you the boost you need to complete the job on hand without feeling drained.

Mango juice is also a great rejuvenator.  Follow it up with half a cup of milk to which some cardamom and nutmeg powder are added.  A small amount of ghee can also be added optionally.

Do some exercise daily.  Sedentary habits can ruin your muscle strength.

Even a few stretches every few hours, would suffice initially, till you build up some strength.  Exercise is a great stamina-builder, counter-intuitive as it sounds.