how to naturally get rid of thrush on the tongue

Home Remedies to Get Rid of  Tongue Thrush at Home Naturally

Parts of your mouth, including your tongue, seem to be covered with a whitish coating.  The pinkish appearance of your inner lips and tongue has almost disappeared.

Your doctor had one look at your tongue and informed you that what you are suffering from is an infection known as Tongue Thrush or Candidiasis and prescribed some preparation to be applied topically.

Can I Cure Thrush Naturally & Permanently?

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You are worried about applying it in your mouth – you cannot be sure of the reaction it may cause:

Better than that is to go with Natural Therapy, you feel:  In fact, that is the best form of treatment for Thrush – you can feel safe because you will be using only natural substances and methods to get rid of the coating on your tongue and other parts of the mouth.


Tongue Thrush

The tongue of a person suffering from Tongue Thrush is covered with a thick, bright white coating. It is a fungal infection, made up of tiny lesions, and is distinctly white compared to other non-infectious layers, which sometimes appear on the tongue.

Moreover, the coating, in the case of Thrush, will appear even on the gums and inner lips, back of the throat, and tonsils.

The lesions are slightly painful and may even bleed if scraped.  You can even have difficulty in swallowing your food, and by chance, if the infection spreads into your esophagus,  you can end up with fever.


The fungus candida usually is present in the mouth along with bacteria that keep the fungus under check. Still, under certain conditions, the fungus proliferates and forms the layer known as Thrush.

Certain medications such as antibiotics, birth control pills, and steroids are known to upset the balance between the fungus and bacteria in the mouth and cause Thrush.

Certain medical conditions such as diabetes, HIV, dry mouth, etc. can also cause the proliferation of this fungus.    Stress is another causative factor.

How to Treat Oral Thrush Naturally

Given the adverse effect of any prescription medicines on the inside of the mouth,  it is always best to go with natural therapy, where only natural substances are used.

In the case of topical applications, even if a natural substance is swallowed accidentally, it is not likely to cause any harm within the system in contrast to commercial preparations:

#1.Extra Virgin Cocoanut oil

Extra Virgin Cocoanut oil, which contains anti-microbial properties, is an excellent remedy for Thrush in the mouth.

It can be generously applied in the mouth over all the affected areas, which will heal very effectively.

#2.Grapefruit seed extract

The grapefruit seed extract is another perfect remedy for Tongue Thrush.  This, however, has to be taken orally – one teaspoon in bearably warm water, twice a day.  The results will show within a week.

#3.baking soda

Rinsing your mouth with a solution of baking soda in water is found to be effective against the fungus.

#4.Chewing garlic

Chewing garlic – just one or two cloves – daily will help reduce the intensity of the infection in the mouth.

#5.Plain yogurt

Plain yogurt can be consumed daily – it is a known remedy for Thrush in the mouth.

#6. thyme

Putting some thyme on your tongue and allowing it to remain there as long as you can hold is another way of curing Thrush in the mouth.  It can later be washed out by gargling with water.

It is not difficult to get rid of Tongue Thrush using Natural Therapy – several useful harmless remedies are available. They can be tried out with benefit in preference to commercial applications.

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