How to Get Rid of Tooth Ache At Home Naturally

how to deal with tooth pain without a dentist

How to Get Rid of Tooth Ache At Home NaturallyWhen the nerve connecting a tooth to muscles and tissues becomes infected or irritated by way of dental cavities or bleeding gums, it results in excruciating pain.

The pain gradually gets distributed over the entire jaw area the infected tooth is situated in, making the pain unbearable.

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It is a widespread belief that no pain is more elaborate than tooth pain.  To minimize tooth pain, few simple measures can be taken at home to help cope with this torturous pain straight away.

Home Remedies to Relieve Tooth Pain Instantly

Following are the fast-acting home remedies that are popular for its ability to soothe tooth pain instantly.

#1. Cloves -To Soothe Tooth Pain

Cloves are small bulbs obtained from an evergreen tree found initially been in Indonesia, but now these dried flower buds are available worldwide.

Cloves contain strong anesthetic properties and help in relieving tooth pain almost immediately.  Pop in clove and grind it, do not swallow.

With the help of your tongue, position the small clove fragments on top of your infected tooth and allow the oil released to work with saliva to numb the sore area.

Or you could buy clove oil available at pharmacists over-the-counter, put a few drops onto a cotton ball, and carefully rub the painful area and tooth for instant relief.

#2.Yarrow Root

The use of yarrow root is also gaining popularity to lessen tooth pain because of its natural anesthetic quality.  This herb can be obtained from health stores, and fresh roots have to be applied directly around the tooth and gum regions for the best results.

#3.Crushed Garlic

Tooth pain resulting from gum infections can be taken care of by placing a crushed clove of garlic between your teeth for approximately 15 minutes before discarding it.

Garlic gives out a strong unpleasant odor and an unpleasant stinging sensation, but it has antibacterial benefits that help fight off tooth infection.


A piece of ginger used similarly will also give you the same effect.

Salt is another natural ingredient that will help eradicate bacteria from your mouth totally, which may be the cause of infection or soreness around the dental area.

#5.Wheatgrass Juice

To a glass of warm water, add one teaspoonful of table salt, stir well and gargle every few hours to give you some relief.  Likewise, extract juice from wheatgrass and gargle your mouth at regular intervals to kill bacterial and minimize toothache.

#6.Cinnamon & Honey – Instant Cure for Tooth Ache

Blend one teaspoon of ground cinnamon in 5 teaspoons of honey and apply a small amount of this mixture on the infected area.

Repeat this three times in a day until the pain subsides. Both ingredients are known for their inherent antibacterial traits.

All of the above-mentioned home remedial measures are only meant to be resorted to as a temporary solution for your troublesome tooth problem.

Consult a dentist, get to the root cause of your problem, and seek immediate treatment to get rid of it permanently.

#7.Peppermint tea bag: Get Rid of Tooth Ache with a Tea Bag

To free yourself from gum pain experienced after a tooth extraction, soak a peppermint tea bag in water before placing it on the sore area to soothe the pain and stop any bleeding.

For a soothing and numbing effect, you can also rub the affected area gently with an ice cube to get relief from pain without any delay.

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