How to Get Rid of Urticaria at Home Naturally

You are tired of scratching those red and white raised patches which have appeared almost all over your body, all of a sudden – and are urgently looking for ways in which you can get some relief.  Taking medication may only aggravate the itch you feel.

Instead, you have a better option in Natural Therapy, by which you can use natural substances available readily in your own home,  to reduce the problem and get instant relief. The condition you are suffering from is known as Urticaria.

Another name for it is Hives. There is no need to see a doctor – the problem is not life-threatening, and can be effectively and inexpensively treated at home :

Symptoms :

Get Rid of Urticaria at Home

Urticaria is a form of rash which can appear in any part of the body, sometimes all over the body,  in the form of raised red or white patches, which are extremely itchy and cause a burning sensation on the skin. Some patches are tiny, yet others can be as large as a five-rupee coin.

You have no option but to scratch, and that makes matters only worse. In severe cases, the affected person may even feel feverish and nauseous.

Sometimes they subside in one part of the body, only to appear in another.  The entire eruption may take 2-3 days to a week to entirely reduce.


There could be many causes for the outbreak of Urticaria. Allergy to some of the everyday foods we eat, such as tomatoes, strawberries, dairy products, chocolates, eggs, oats, or wheat, can bring about this problem.

In other cases, the ingestion of certain medications such as penicillin could be responsible.  Extremes of cold and hot environments can be a reason.

Also, it can occur immediately after one exercises intensely when the body warms up and sweating occurs.


You can find several effective natural ways in which to cure Urticaria.

#1.Foods Not to eat

One essential piece of advice for a person having Urticaria is that he/she should desist from having caffeinated drinks, non-vegetarian, and processed foods.


Having plenty of fresh fruits, raw vegetables, and salads and a well-balanced diet with all classes of foods, including nuts and seeds, will do a world of good for relief from this condition.


Extremes of cold and heat should be avoided.  Sufficient water should be had throughout the day.

#4. lemon juice

You can add a little lemon juice to the water you drink all through the day.

This will have a cleansing effect.

#5. turmeric

Taking turmeric daily, two teaspoons in a glass of water will greatly help reduce the intensity of the eruption.


Mint is also an effective remedy for Urticaria. It can be applied as a paste over the rash or boiled in water, which can be drunk once a day.

#7.aloe vera gel

Applying aloe vera gel over the bumpy patches will soothe the skin and give relief from the itch.

#8.Olive oil

Olive oil is also a great soother and can be applied directly on the itchy patches for relief.

#9.neem leaves

Washing the affected area twice or thrice a day with water in which some neem leaves have been boiled will cool the skin and give good relief from the itch.

A solution of baking soda in water can also be used similarly.

There are many more substances available rights in your own home, which you can very easily make use of in the treatment of Urticaria.

A little help from a qualified Natural Therapist will be of much use here so that you can get the best guidance from an expert on the subject for quicker recovery.